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5 tips for staying healthy on work trips

I used to CRAVE having a job that let me travel. The excitement I thought it would be! Staying in a nice hotel, going to cool places, a week out of the office. Little did I know that work trips really meant sitting in a conference room in another state eating muffins and drying out your skin in the cracked out air conditioning.

You’re then expected to socialise AKA. EAT and DRINK all the time.

Here are some rules I have devised for you frequent travellers.

1. The breakfast buffet is not your friend

When do you ever have 17 doughnuts for breakfast at home, or two pastries, four eggs, cereal and yogurt? Never! Then it’s not okay on a work trip. Try to think of what you would have at home and replicate.

2. Avoid alcohol (the gateway drug)

My friend and I joke that alcohol is ‘the gateway drug’ and it is! It makes you feel sluggish and crave takeaway food or the snack table and then you miss your morning work out. A few drinks can undo days of healthy eating when you’re already away from your usual routine. Don’t do it!

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3. Try and stick to your usual routine

It might not be possible to attend your usual crossfit, F45 or running club, but the key is to stay active.  If you train in the morning, then get up and do it. If you’re an evening exerciser, then try going for a walk or jog before dinner.

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4. BYO snacks

Being starving and bored in a conference room can make you want to eat everything in the land. I am with you here, eating pastries and chocolate can help pass the time. Avoid the temptation by heading to a local supermarket and stock up your handbag with protein based snacks, celery, almonds, fruit and some cacao bars for when you hit that afternoon slump.

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5. Plan ahead

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Google what facilities your hotel will have. Is there yoga near by? Can you make a deal if there is a franchise of your local gym to train at? Ask for special meals on the plane. Ask ahead what will be available. Or you might find yourself simply overwhelmed!

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Any other tips for staying healthy on work trips?

Thanks to Giphy and Homer  for bringing these rules to life.
Image above credit to mashable. 
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