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A Big Birthday

This week I’m totally off the wagon. Eating my feelings, spending looonnngg days sitting at work and wondering what my life is all about. More on that later. Because THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT. My big news is the boy turned the big 40 yesterday.

It’s hard to get things for people who have everything. The boy is a gadget man, a camping man, a paragliding man. He doesn’t like clothes that I buy him. He googles everything he wants for himself, so surprises of a gadget nature are not possible. So ON his birthday, I decided it was to be a day of surprises and experiences. I woke somewhat exhausted from three ten-hour days in a row but pulled myself up and shoved him in the car with his snorkelling gear and off we went to Manly, where I had arranged to meet his best friend since he was three. We swam we caught up, we had BOLLINGER for breakfast, free scones and banana bread. It was glorious. Then the second eating festival of the day was heading up to Jonah’s at Whale Beach, where The Ginger Hunk’s parents were waiting for us. We had more Bollinger, just because and dined in decadence on oysters and fish, and spent three hours looking to the best view in Sydney.

Tomorrow night we will party with our families and our nearest and dearest, to celebrate all that we have, our  little home, our health and our connections.

Love you Jimmy. Bring on the next 40.

I’m so glad you’re mine.

Ashleigh XXX

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