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A Shit Week

My week started as an ordinary one before it turned into a pile of shit. I felt a little low and tired. I attributed this to stress, from waiting from the DVA and general overwhelms at all the things I have to get through in August. On Monday though, I was at an all time low. I stayed in bed, I was meant to go to see an author talk with my mum and a blogging friend but cancelled it. It seemed too overwhelming. Maybe my body knew what was to come?

Tuesday I went to work feeling a little tired and snotty, Wednesday I woke up and BAAAMMM. Flu hit me with a vengeance. Ear pain ensued. I felt better that I was coming down with something and not actually going crazy, as I initially thought earlier in the week. I went to the Dr who diagnosed me swiftly with the flu and a middle ear infection. Antibodics and rest. This drove me wild with anxiety as it is my last long run on Saturday, 23km, to be followed by a dear friends hen’s night.

Mum was also feeling poorly with some pain in her digestive system for the last few days, a problem she had in the past with a hernia. She planned to go to the Doctor on Thursday. Dad rings me on Thursday morning to let me know that Mum went to hospital in an ambulance in the wee hours of Thursday, because she was so uncomfortable trying to sleep. So, I’m feeling like death on the couch all day yesterday, ringing up to see what was happening. No news, but I am told all heart issues have been excluded and she is going to get an endoscopy today to see what is going on. A nice twist in this tale was is that she is being looked after my a dear friend from high school, who is now a wonderful nurse.

I go to get my hair done last night, because, just because it was already booked (and pink too but more about that later).  Anyway on return, the husband informed me that Piper, our Ginger Cat was not doing so well. She had projectile vomited a hair elastic and was sitting on the bed, meowing, licking her lips trying to vomit some more. She clearly looked uncomfortable, getting up and down and meowing occasionally. In a vomit corner, (there are several now in our house), we located three more of my hair elastics, that looked like they had spent some time in her insides. It seems the cat has been bingeing on said hair elastics, and may have one lodged somewhere in her stomach or intestines. We called the night vet, who said to observe her and bring her in first thing in the morning. So we have been up all night with her, seeing if it comes out.

It seems like Mum, she will need an endoscopy today too. Maybe she felt left out?

So, off I go to the vet, snotty and bewildered.

I’ll keep you updated on all health fronts of the human and feline family over the weekend!

What a nightmare. At least my hair looks hot…

Much Love

Ashleigh XXX


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