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A weekend out of the city

What a glorious weekend it has been in Lennox Head. I have been overseas so much that I almost forgot the joys of domestic travel. Off the plane, into the car, straight to Aldi to do a grocery shop then into the house in Lennox Head. All within the space of an hour. No immigration lines, no money to pay (for you’re not quite sure what), it’s all been easy.

I had the opportunity to come up here while The Ginger Hunk was photographing a wedding. We are staying in a beach house on top of a cliff with a girl I went to school with. We don’t get to catch up much, because she lives in Old London town, but when we do it is like no time has passed, the test of true friends.

Lennox is just beautiful, I have not been up this part of the coast for a long time. What was once a sleepy little coastal town (well it is still sleepy by Sydney standards), is full of cafes, trendy houses and shops. Still, life is much slower in this part of the world, and part of me all weekend has been scheming up ideas to move here.

If I got some more writing work, went back to social work for a few days, and The Ginger Hunk had some international clients, surely we could base ourself in a place like this… couldn’t we? Would we?

Seems so stupid to get so caught up in the Sydney rat race, when life could be much simpler. We will never afford a house there, that is for sure. I’m not quite sure how people do it, between you and me.

Anyway, it’s just a dream for one day.

I have been finishing my book, laughing with friends, watching the whales, sipping my wine, coming up with blog ideas, and vowing to get back on the healthy eating wagon on Tuesday.

That’s what long weekends are for right?

Happy Sunday.

Ashleigh XXX

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