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A woman not a girl

The other day I was in Peter Alexander. Buying some Lion King pyjamas. As you do. When you are 34. Anyway, I was wandering around the shop, and a song came on. Way back from the clubbing days of 2001. Paul Mac, Just the thing.

(If you want to relive the memories, I have copied it below. The pic of me above is from the same era.)

Anyway I am singing along, and so is the man roughly the same age bracket in the store buying his wife/girlfriend a present.

We smile and give each other a knowing look. Your from my era. You get what I mean.  You know HOW GOOD this song was, back in the day.

Fast forward to the check out.

“I loved that  song”, I say. Feeling uber cool and satisfied with my new purchases.

“Yes” says the bloke, “how good was clubbing in Sydney back the early 2000’s?”, he notes.

Then our fond memory cool moment was shattered by the sales assistant, who commented.

“I was born in 2000.”

When did that happen?

So people who were born in the year 2000 are now allowed to SELL THINGS in shops.

I suppose so. That would make her 15.

And in that swift moment, I felt like I had aged a hundred years.

I was swiftly reminded that I am now a woman, not a girl.

Have you had any of these moments of late? 

Do you ever feel your age?

Enjoy the memories.

Ashleigh XXX



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