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Am I lucky, or do I choose?

I’ve been flat-out with a sore throat the last few days, and The Ginger Hunk has a cough. I feel that we are reinfecting each other without it leaving the house. Anyway I need to get my brain and my creative juices going because I have not been thinking much for the past few days and I’ve chosen a word tonight to write about to linkup with #fridayreflections finally, and the word is LUCKY. This is what Lucky means.

  1. having or marked by good luckfortunate: “That was my lucky day”
  2. happening fortunately lucky accident.
  3. bringing or foretelling good luckor supposed to do so: a lucky penny.

Now lucky is a word that’s bandied around a lot. In my opinion it it is often used to replace other words. (Like hard work, choice and sacrifice.) Here’ some lucky references that I always get:

  • “You’re lucky you get to travel so much”
  • “You’re lucky you’re in a good relationship”
  • “You’re lucky you live near the beach”
  • “You’re lucky you work four days a week”

I’ve even bandied it around myself and I even did it this week over on Instagram. Because I actually feel guilty that I am going overseas for the second time this year. Guilty for an overseas trip. Yes that’s right. Because there is that feeling that others are not so “lucky”.

On reflection, lucky isn’t a word that I would use to describe those other things on that list of mine, including the second overseas trip this year.  They come from the choices that I’ve made. I get to travel because I SAVE money for travel. I prioritise travel over other things in life. Fancy dinners out, home renovations, living in a bigger place and having children don’t have a spot over travel in my heart. Who is to say that that won’t change? It might one day. But for now, travel makes my heart sing in a way that those other things don’t. I’ve work in Government for eight years and got to the point where I’m pretty skilled in my line of work. I’ve accumulated long service leave and work for bosses that are willing to give me flexibility as they can see it makes me a better worker.

So yes. I do get to travel. But I choose travel in my life over other things. This does not make me lucky.

The same goes with the four days a week thing. I do not work four days a week because I am rich and have a hidden influx of money. I’m not lucky. I looked at my finances. I looked at our life. I looked at the value of my time over money, helping The Ginger Hunk recover and being around to help him grow his photography business. Having a day to not think about mental health is also good for my mental health.  This is a financial cut, but a personal gain. So it isn’t luck. It’s a give and take.

What is luck?

I’m lucky if I won the lottery.

I’m lucky if a ladybird lands on me.

I’m lucky to be  in good health and be born in Australia.

But the rest of it?

I choose.

Love Ashleigh XXX

Do you believe in luck?

Love to hear your comments.


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