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Answering The Call – Hay House Writer’s Workshop

This post might get a little whooo whooo so be warned. About six months ago I randomly bought a ticket to the Hay House Writer’s Workshop. For those of you who are thinking about publishing a book (not just with Hay House), I highly recommend it. I’ve been getting whispers for the last six months or so about a book. I found myself on the Hay House Website randomly and then they had a workshop in Sydney in August so I bought a ticket. Then I forgot about it. I’ve been so busy with Hotels With Cats that I Ignored the book thing. I didn’t know what it would be about, or why I was going to write it, and it was scary. So better not to think about it. But I sensed a book or more was coming. About two weeks before the workshop, I received my first ever email from a reader. And it went something like this.

“just wanted to let you know what a nice surprise it was to read you blog! πŸ™‚

I was looking up articles about being childfree to read ….I came upon an article you wrote and I thought it was brilliant — and described me to a tee! It led me to your blog and it was so refreshing to read about someone else who was more “on the fence” than definitely yes to kids, or definitely no to kids”….

I went swiftly off to my energy healer that afternoon, and she received guidance that I would indeed write something that would help others. My guides see me speaking and sharing a clear message that will help many people. BUT TELL ME WHAT IT IS I AM MEANT TO DO RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I AM GETTING ANNOYED WAITING FOR THE CALL. Sitting in the workshop on the weekend something came through me and I knew. So freaking weird. I wrote all the chapter outlines in about three minutes. (Well the headings anyway). Literally I knew. So much so that I shook at my desk yesterday and got a little teary because it’s finally here and now I have to do it.

I’m going to write the book for this reader of mine who is feeling so alone about her motherhood ambivalence. I’m going to write the book that I needed Β to read when I was deciding to live childfree and was freaking out because I felt so so alone. So many of us are ambivalent about motherhood (people who chose to become mothers included), and it’s normal. It’s perfectly normal. Because we have CHOICE. And how lucky we are to have this choice in this day and age in this world of ours. What if we had a book that didn’t divide us into separate armies? A book that showed both sides of the story? An exploration of values and beliefs and examining the motherhood choice with perspectives from mothers and the childfree, so that people can make the right choice for them? Because thats all I want. People being supported to make a conscious choice, for them. Not for me. For their partner. Grandparents. Whatever. For how they want to live their live with their values.

This is what I am going to write about. And I am shit scared. As Mike Dow, one of the speakers said “the itty bitty shitty committee” in my brain is going overdrive.Β I’ve got until December the 5th to work on my proposal for Hay House. But you know what? I am going to write it anyway. Because there are many ways to get the message out there.

Have you written a book?

Been to the Hay House Writers Workshop?

Did you know that today is International Childfree Day?

Much Love, Ashleigh

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