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Back, but not here yet…

Well it was lovely to have a little bit of annual leave from blogging! I didn’t miss you at all.Okay, I admit that I did feel a little naked without you. It is hard once you have had your mind in blog land for a few years like I have been now, to totally switch off. But boy was it needed, and so nice to give myself permission to just not write anything! I did keep a little note pad of blog ideas while in Bali, but I did not open this site once. Or, write anything else aside from my article! I actually didn’t even read any other blogs while I was gone either.

So sorry other bloggers, I have a lot to catch up on in blog world!

I read a book, an actual BOOK, did not watch TV for ten days, did my freediving training for five days and some yoga. I will write more about that at a later stage. I was joined for the first bit by my Dad, and we just chilled out. We experienced a small word scenario, the couple that The Ginger Hunk and I met a year ago, from Tasmania, were staying at the same guesthouse again! They actually took this photo of us all on the SUP above, so I hope they do not mind me sharing. Was lovely sharing beers with them in the sunset. Then I spent a couple of days in Sanur, shopping and doing girl things with my freediving coach, now turned friend, which was lovely.

So now I am back to life in rainy rainy Sydney, to discover that my local beach has basically been washed away by the storms. We are still awaiting DVA processes for the poor Ginger Hunk, getting my head around my new job, working on my children’s book draft, finding me some Big Magic, and basically just dreaming of when I can go back to Bali again. Actually would have been happy to stay there, if only The Ginger Hunk and the cats could have been transported to me. And maybe my pillow…

So, that’s me, this week, back but not here in the spiritual sense of the word. Oh and I have had a stomach bug and broke out in hives, but that is all gone for now.

So this week it is back into it, running in all senses including that trail run I signed up for, treadmill, life, bills and meh.

Post Bali blues much?

How are you all doing?

Any news for me on this rainy Sunday?

Much love,


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