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Basic tools for meditation

Meditation needn’t be a strange mysterious unattainable skill that we all can’t access. You also don’t need to be on a field, in the dark, or in an ashram. You can do it anywhere. I even do it on the bus sometimes. There are so many scientifically proven benefits from regular practice. These include lowering stress levels, increased immunity, better problem solving, and increased energy.

I started a few years ago by doing an introductory course with The Ginger Hunk at my local yoga studio. While I am quite the lazy meditator at times it has worked wonders, for tapping into creativity especially and helping me sleep.

I’m writing this post partly to inspire myself to get myself back into regular practice, but also to share some tools on how to get started.

These tools are all recommended at the  back of Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive.

(A must read for lots of tips on life as well, not just meditating.) Here is how you can get started.

  1. Headspace. This awesome app, with free download for android and iPhone has a take 10 starter program. It starts you off for ten minutes per day, with short animated videos, and you can build up to other techniques.
  2. Buddify. Another one, with over 80 meditations to choose from.
  3. Mark William’s Mindfulness Recordings. Free range of meditations by clinical psychologist Mark Williams.

Alternatively, see if your local yoga or healing centre has an introductory course.


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