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Being Aunty Ash

This is my little nephew. I call him my Ghostrider. I love him. I get chest pains when I see him. And I get  love butterflies when I sniff his hair.

But then I get to give him back.

When my Sister had The Ghostrider, we were very close and I had a lot of time. I was between jobs as I had just returned from London.

I visited frequently and had the benefit of watching him grow up week to week.

I haven’t had as much time with my niece (My Bumblebee) due to work, but this will improve as she is older.

Like I have said in my posts before, I love children, (alert that I stole the next statement from someone else), I am not sure if I can eat a whole one.

On Saturday night The Ghostrider is coming to our place for a wee little sleepover.

He froths with excitement the WHOLE week before he comes.

He loves his uncle. He gives me sloppy kisses. He is scared that the cat will eat his Lego.

He dreams of playing with the boy next door and watching Monster Trucks on You Tube.

Last time he stayed over, he woke me up at 4.41am because he was too excited to sleep anymore.

Can I look outside Aunty Ash” The Ghostrider said (at 4.41am).

It is the night time, it is dark outside” Aunty Ash said grumpily (at 4.42am) “Try and go back to sleep

But I just love being awake with you Aunty Ash!” The Ghostrider said.

And although she was tired and a little bit grumpy, Aunty Ash found that her heart melted into a million pieces when The little Ghostrider said that.

(And Aunties are for FUN after all!)

Soon she found herself at the beach, watching the sunrise with The Ghostrider. Then they enjoyed a milkshake and a highly illegal, sugary cupcake (before 8am) at The Bakery.

After she dropped The Ghostrider home, Aunty Ash enjoyed a three hour nap in her quiet apartment.

Isn’t this what Aunties are for? 

My parents didn’t have brothers and sisters, but perhaps the most fun I had when I was little was when I went and stayed with my Godmother, who did not have any children of her own. We drove around with the music up in her red sports car, drank iced chocolate in Double Bay, went shopping, went to the zoo and played on her farm in the Blue Mountains.I never missed having ‘real’ Aunties or Uncles because of her.

And when I was with her, I didn’t fret for my parents at all. I knew that I was in Cathy’s safe hands, and would be in for a wonderful time. I knew she had my back.

It has had me thinking, perhaps there is a role out there for us Aunties and people without children of their own.

Children need other adults they can trust and go to when they need some help. Parents need people that they trust, so they can ask for help when times get tough, because lord knows we can’t do it all on our own. I take my hat off to those that do.

In the olden days, we supported each other. Sisters, aunties and grandparents, would all live together and raise children. None of this weird stuff – have a career until you are 30 then suddenly have a baby and work out yourself what to do with it!

The youngest members of the tribe would have babies and the older women and aunties would teach them how to raise them.

It is a wise old saying that it takes a village to raise a child, and I know I am a big part of that village for The Ghostrider and my Bumblebee.

I hope it stays that way as they grow up.

Do you think Childfree women and Aunties have an important role in raising children?

Did you have a fairy Godmother who played a big part of your life?

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