Bridezilla moves I would rather forget

I got married almost four years ago after our wrong way around love story. One year it felt like we had a wedding every weekend. (This almost sent me bankrupt.) It seems that no one has an old fashioned wedding in Sydney anymore, where you turn up, have a good time, get drunk and go home. It is always weekends away, not to mention the hens and bucks!

With age comes the realisation about how important the wedding DAY actually is in the scheme of things.

I have spent a bit of time wondering what I would do differently if I had my time again.

All in all I was pretty chillaxed. It was organised pretty quickly. My sister organised the flowers. We booked a venue. Did our own invites. A friend did the lolly table. I picked two friends and my sister for bridesmaids. We had a huge engagement party at my in laws place with everyone we knew and a smallish wedding. It was mostly family with a few select friends. Sure, I have made more friends since then that would be on the guest list today, (but like anything, a wedding guest list is a point in time.)

Here are some moves I made, which on reflection, I think were a bit bridezilla.

1. I had a gift registry for my engagement party 

For us, this was the main event with all our friends. We could not invite everyone to the wedding. We were living at home and saving to buy a place. We needed HOMEWARES. I was of the view that everyone was going to bring a present anyway, and why not get what we need?

In hindsight I should have left this open, for people to choose what they wanted to bring, if anything.

2. I texted people to ask where their cards/gifts were 

Before you think I am nuts, there is a back story here. The Ginger Hunk is a photographer and has worked a few weddings in his time. At one such wedding, a large amount of cards from the wishing well went missing. So, as we were opening our cards, and making note of it for thank yous, I noticed that there were HEAPS of people that gave us nothing. Like key people. Immediate family. Best friends. That sort of thing.

I started to imagine that a whole pile of stuff from our wishing well had gone missing. So I texted people to ask if they had left a card that was missing. BIG MISTAKE. I offended a few people, and in turn found out that there ARE people who turn up to weddings and give nothing, (not even a card with well wishes for the future and an invite to a home cooked meal.) Now I know.

3. I blew up at the girl who didn’t turn up 

Like point 2 with the non gift thing, there are also people who RSVP to weddings and do not turn up. (I hear that this did not only happen at my wedding.) The person in question was a girlfriend of a friend, they had a fight on the day (apparently) and did not turn up. He turned up late. I was super pissed off. It was NOTICED that they were not there, with it being such an intimate event. We had agonised so much over the guest list. Those spots could have been taken by other friends. I sent the person in question a Bridezilla type Facebook message which did not go down well.

I should have just left the person as is and moved on.

Four years on from the bridezilla moments actually being MARRIED to The Ginger Hunk as the single most bestest thing ever. I was a bit ‘meh’ about what marriage would mean to our relationship. But actually BEING Mrs Ginger Hunk is the bomb.

Oh and for our 10 year anniversary we plan to renew our vows.

Just he and I at the beach.

Did you make any bridezilla moves in your time?

Anything you would change?

Heard any good stories?



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