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Tails on Tuesday: Whiskas #CatHacks

May 24, 2016

It has been a while since I have had access to the computer to write. I have been busy supervising my new sister, teaching her all the important things in the world, like waking the humans up at 5am, biting their toes, singing the song of our people and all sorts. It is tiring having a sister. She does not sleep as much as I do. And she needs more toys than I, which is what I am writing about today, The Whiskas #CatHacks project.

Now, Cat Hacks are things you (as humans) can make for your kitty, which are from simple household items!

It is important for cats, especially indoor ones, to have plenty to do. So Whiskas have launched a #CatHacks project where humans are obliged to make a DIY cat hack for THEIR cat (to be honest, this is how ALL humans should spend their time anyway) AND donate one to their local shelter.  Dr Katrina Warren said: “Cats and kittens need a stimulating environment that satisfies their curious nature. Furniture that is interesting for felines to explore can really help the health and behaviour of cats and kittens. I know my cat, Mr Fox, would love a Cat Hack so I’ll be making one for my home and also one for my local cat shelter. Donating a Cat Hack is a good way to help cat shelters that often rely on the generosity of the local community,” said Dr Warren.

Since I came to rule the humans, I have ignored all their desires for me to sit in specified cat purchased products except for my tunnel, my beloved tunnel. This reminds them that they waste money on me, and to not be lazy and make things themselves.

Here is where I love to hang out in our house. Hack or not…


Box of Jumpers… makes a perfect bed

IMG_20160503_212556 (1)

The humans converted the bottom of a cupboard into our toilet as a #cathack! So we can pee in privacy. I still peep at Piper though.


A red cushion and a box…. there you have it … a cat cave!


My tunnel, not a cat hack but still delightful…


A T-shirt cat cave… not super keen, but I went in there cause of all the effort.

Sooo if you humans are bored of ideas of what to make your kittehs here are some ideas from our furriends at Whiskers!

Cat Hack 1: The Hammock. Learn how minimalist design meets maximum feline comfort in a few really easy steps. This design means you can admire your cat’s beauty for even longer. Framed like a little piece  of art under your glass-top table as she purrs in a little table-leg hammock.

Cat Hack 2: The Lookout. Curious cats love high-up hideaways, so here’s a simple way to turn your bookcase into a stairway to heaven. This design allows your cat to climb to a little cubby house at the top of your wall-mounted library or display cabinet – from where they can look down on you as the subordinate you are.

Cat Hack 3: The Home Entertainment System. Curious cats will discover human furniture is never as fun as the box it comes in. Is it a car? Is it a cave? Is it a safe space with only one way in and out? Yes, it’s all that and more. Give your furry friend the gift of the thing good gifts come in: an open cardboard box.

Cat Hack 4: The Clock Feeder. Turn your everyday wall clock into a sophisticated meal distribution system for your four-legged friend. This time–dependent food dispenser uses the mechanics of a clock to keep your cat fed during the day – while you’re toiling at work.

Cat Hack 5: The Exercise Wheel. Transform two household items into a nifty spinning device so your four-legged friend can stretch their legs.  This Hack is for weight-conscious, highrise pussy cats that can’t get out for their workout.

Cat Hack 6: The Scratch Frame. Follow these easy steps if your cat need a new canvas to perfect the art of scratch-post modernism. Watch as your cat redefines art appreciation (and saves your sofa).

Pursonally, I’m hoping for the first one as my favourite! I do love a yoga mat… suspended would be even better! 

Soo get behind this purroject! Make your kitteh a Cat Hack and use the #CatHack and donate another one to your local shelter!

Happy making!

I’ll be back soon about how this whole kitten in my house situation is going!

For now you can follow me and Piperoni on Instagram!

Love and Meow for Now 🐾 🐾🐾 🐾

Sasha The Cat

Ps. Not sponsored. I just want all the kitteh’s to have toys. Linking up with Jess for #IBOT

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For Granny, on Big Magic

April 19, 2016

Dappled in sunlight, I know you knew what Big Magic was.

Creating for creating’s sake.

Crystals. Cats. Knitting. Sewing. Painting.

Your workshop in the backyard a myriad of tools, rocks, boxes of things I never quite knew what for.

A child’s paradise.

There was always something you were doing when I visited.

Knitting needles on your stool. A half-finished painting. Bits and pieces and paints lying around.

Back then I thought it was mess. Now I know it was magic.

I was too young to ask what you did with all these creations.

Did you sell them? Dad tells me that you didn’t. You gave the toys you used to knit to the sick kids at the hospital.

Once you knitted a family of cats. All of different sizes. You were so clever. I thought these where the best.

You even made a bird out of stones.

You were taken before we could talk about what Big Magic was.

Before I became a teenager. Before I became and adult, and discovered Big Magic.

I’d love to talk to you about it now.

But instead I wait until you visit me in my dreams, as you sometimes do.

I miss you Grandma, and your cat that liked to dance in the rain.

Ashleigh XXX

I’ve written about Big Magic here and here. 

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The Girls – Day 12 Major Progress

April 15, 2016

We have had major progress in the house! It is day 12 and last night we let the kitties roam free, drank a bottle of wine and let them sort out their stuff. What started out as hissing and growling by Sasha has turned in the last 24 hours into play and prowling. I think they are still working out who is the boss in the house, my feeling is that it is Sasha. But it was so great to watch Sasha turn from being scared last week, to prowling around after this kitten around the house. They had a stand off last night which resulted in Sasha rolling around on the floor meowing and Piper doing the same! So cute. Sasha even caught a bug and gave it to Piper. We separated them to sleep last night but since 6am they wanted to see each other again and they have  have been playing hide and seek and swatting each other from around the glass or behind a box!

Super excited it looks like we will be a family of four.

(The Ginger Hunk was never going to give the little one back though. Let’s face it!)

It is a very happy friday for us, hope it is for you as well!

Ashleigh XXX

Cat Lady, Daily Life

Introducing Piper. (Properly this time.)

April 11, 2016

I haven’t had a chance to blog much because we adopted a kitten. I know I wrote about her a little in my post the other day, but now I can tell you the whole story and how life is coming about so far with two cats in our place. We had talked about another cat for a while. Our current cat is a little bit cray cray. Okay that is a bit mean, but she really has a screw loose. The Ginger Hunk jokes that she is like a pretty girl in a bar you want to buy a drink for! She’s a super smart white rescue cat. She even writes and has her own Instagram page, but she’s super sketchy around new humans. Always playful with us though, and singing the song of her people at five am, tapping our arms to go for walks and meowing for the laser pointer. When we get home from work, we can hear her HOWLING at the car in desperation for us. It is so cute. So we thought, we just have to try to see how she goes with a mate. With The Ginger Hunk at home and getting bored, it was a somewhat sporadic decision, but we started talking about it more and more.

Then The Ginger Hunk went to Pet Barn who had some RSPCA kitties, and fell in love.

With this.


What we thought at the time, was it was a boy cat. To go with our girl cat. But when they did the scan, she is actually a she, Sally, the 5 month old GIRL rescue cat. If you’re not a cat person, most Ginger cats are boy cats. And by then it was too late. The Ginger Hunk was in love. He’s been going through a rough patch waiting for claims and health and all sorts. So while he is at home, we thought why not. And so Sally (now called Piper) came home with us on Sunday. Originally for a two-week trial, but The Ginger Hunk has decided she is ours. They are madly in love as I said it before. Like I’m madly in love with Sasha.

Apparently to introduce two cats, the slower you go the better things are. They might not end up being best friends (or they might). They have to learn first that they are not in competition for food or love, and eventually they can learn to co-habitat.  As Sasha has been queen of the house (and very doted on) this is hard for her to handle. But better than expected. We haven’t had any swipes, just a lot of hissing. (As she does with anyone who comes in to the house actually, we joke that she is our guard cat.) You start to introduce two cats by confining the kitten to a room, and then swapping items between rooms, bedding, pillows and all that, so the cats can smell each other. So we have been going from room to room for the first few days while Sasha get’s used to the smell. At first, Sasha was hissing at the scent of another cat. She seemed a little afraid at first, hissing at the door when she heard the kitten meowing. Once this turns to complacency, then you can let them see each other a little through a gap in the door then occasional supervised visits. Once aggression starts, then you go back a step.

2016-04-11_21.22.11We are at the stage now when we have a little interaction in the day, and through a gap in the door for more lengthy periods. It seems to be going well so far, besides when Piper screams the most long pathetic meows in the land when you lock her in the office for the night. WHERE DO THEY LEARN THIS IN KITTEN SCHOOL? In the morning Piper comes into the bedroom as she is howling her head off then Sasha is howling to get into the bedroom, so I find myself on the couch at 5am sleeping with Sasha while James is inside with the kitten. Aside from that we are trying to keep Sasha’s routine as her usual. At first she was a bit upset, but the last few days she has been waking us up and singing the song of her people as usual.

I just want this all to be over so we can all be a happy furmily!

Patience my friend is a virtue.

Ever introduced two pets?

Any successes?

Ashleigh XXX 

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Meow Review: When I went to Cat Yoga

March 7, 2016

I went to Cat Yoga a week or so ago with Sanch @ My Imperfect Life .

A few people said I must blog about this ASAP and they were right.

(I think Sanch and I might be twins by the way, but that is a blog post for another time.)

Before I talk about Cat Yoga, let me answer some questions you might have in general about the concept.

  1. You do not take your own cat to Cat Yoga they have cats for you at Catmosphere Cat Cafe.
  2. The yoga class is not for the cats, it is for humans.
  3. If you do not know what a Cat Cafe is, firstly, I am ashamed for you. In one sentence, a cat cafe is a cafe full of cats, otherwise known as HEAVEN. Secondly, you can read about it here or here, before moving onto the more advanced subject of CAT YOGA.

Now that you know the basics, I can talk about Cat Yoga, which is essentially, yoga for humans in a room full of cats, otherwise known as HEAVEN +++.

Catmosphere in Surry Hills have introduced Cat Yoga to their schedule. Sanch and I planned it a while ago because…well because CATS AND YOGA. We met up first to talk about all things writing, cats and the general blogosphere, then we arrived at Catmosphere. There are two rooms, the cat room and the OMG kitten room… otherwise known as HEAVEN++++. A ROOM FULL OF KITTENS.

Yoga is in the cat room.

We anxiously waited for the other humans to finish their heavy petting session and then went up to the room and set up our yoga mats.

This was distracting and hard to keep focused because OMG THE CATS.


How many kitties can you see?

How many kitties can you see?

Our teacher sprinkled a little bit of catnip on our mats, and this made the kitties go crazy. They were running around the room, scratching the mats, excited that new humans had arrived. Buzz, sat in the middle of some dudes mat and didn’t move for the entire class. We were joined by six  others humans for our yoga class, and around 13 cats. (One lady seemed quite surprised that we were actually doing yoga, instead of patting the cats.) That comes later. First you have to torture yourself by remaining still and calm and NOT TOUCHING THE CATS FOR 45 MINUTES WHILST DOING YOGA.


After the initial excitement, the cats, and us, settled into the class.

As I mentioned, some didn’t move, for the entire class.

This one sat on someones mat the ENTIRE class, then got up and was like 'meh, my work is done', when it was over'. Cats.

This one sat on someones mat the ENTIRE class, then got up and was like ‘meh, my work is done’, when it was over’. Cats.

One sat on my bag and stared me out, in his own yogic sphinx pose.


And this every time I was in downward dog. How can I think about yoga when THERE’S A KITTY ON THE WALL!

There is a kitty on the shelf and I want to touch it....

Kitty on the shelf and I want to touch it….

I absolutely loved doing yoga in a room of cats. The only downside was, not being able to touch them whilst being busy doing yoga, (and one cat taking a shit in his litter box behind me when I was mid downward dog, because you know… cats.)

The kitties themselves kind of calmed down towards the end of the class. They went into their own little relaxation zone and chilled out to the music. It was very cute.

And finally, at the end, we could express the free love that exists between human and cat…

Sanch and her new friend.

Sanch and her new friend.

Would I go again?




Meow for now,

Ashleigh XXXX

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Cat Lady, Daily Life

Getting Inked Today: My Cattoo

February 28, 2016

I’ve always been brought up anti-tattoo. Anti-anti-anti tattoo, And I was anti-tattoo. For quite some time.

I never understood why people would love a symbol so much, or want to destroy their own skin, that they would ink themselves for eternity.

What if they changed their minds? What if they hate it in older age? Why would they do that to their bodies?

Then after a while, my thoughts, (as most have in my mid-thirties) began to shift.

In my early thirties, (it sounds like a hideous cliche), I found myself. And things felt lesser of a big deal than they have been in the past. What’s the big deal about a little tattoo? (If it brings you happiness then do it I say. ) So I started being drawn to images of cats on Pinterest. Saving them for “later”, not to do anything about them, but just because I liked looking at them. At first. Then scrolling through images on Instagram, I came across Maddison @ Dee Why Tattoo. I loved her animals instinctively, her lines and her illustrations. So I thought, why the hell not?

I’m 35 this year. Other people are making permanent decisions like Botox or babies. Why not do something for me?

Everyone, knows that I am a crazy cat lady anyway. But to me the cat symbolises many things.

Most of all, cats to me cats mean family. Our love of cats has been passed down from my Dad’s mother. We’ve always had cats. When we have not had cats, I have felt like my arm is missing. They symbolise creativity. Living your own life.  Being loved but not owned. And the cat in a spiritual sense also is a symbol of courage, independence, a sense of self and of curiosity.

This blog, called My Meow, has also given me so much confidence, belief in myself and opportunity.

Apart from that, how could looking at a little cat, make me sad at all?

(I even look at MY OWN CATS INSTAGRAM PAGE to feel nice and calm before I go to sleep.)

Mum and Dad found out, and being the anti-tattoo people who I knew they were, were disappointed and could not understand.

Accepting their opinion, but making my own decision, off I went today to Dee Why Tattoo.

My creative superstar of an artist, was not as anxious as I seemingly, about my little cat. (She creates MAJESTIC LIONS FOR FREAKING SAKE.)

Exhibit A. Majestic Lion From Maddison. (Isn’t she amazing, you can check out her work over here. )

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.33.16 pmBut this was my majestic lion. My little lion is not as big. (But equally as brave, for me, anyway.)

After Maddison sketched out the final versions of my cat, she was copied on my arm, and off we went.

A little bit of unpleasantness. A little bit of weird noise. Not much pain.

Around twenty minutes later, here she is, my Cattoo.



Who I made such a big deal of getting in the first instance, but will do nothing but bring me joy, and remind me to be the person I am.

Courageous. Independent. Curious. 

I love her already.

Happy Sunday.

Love Ashleigh XXX