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How To Return Phone Calls In 2017

July 17, 2017

Back in the day, receiving a phone call on the landline caused a sense of wonderment and achievement. We would run to the phone, in the fear that we might miss out on finding out who it was and if we did not answer then the caller identity would remain a mystery forever.  I fear that the old phone call, to find out how someone is doing is going way off trend.

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We are all busy people these days. I get it. Oh do I get it. On Sunday morning I found myself with some quiet time and I went for a walk. I used this time to call a few people I had not spoken to for a while. Not one person answered the phone. Nor did they call me back by the same means. As it may seem, there are many ways to return a phone call in 2017. The options are confusing. (This post excludes snapchat and twitter because they confuse me.) I shall explain a few ways that you can return a phone call below.


Text Message

The text message is a fast popular way to return a phone call and requires minimal effort. In fact, over 23 billion text messages are sent each day. It can provide a delay tactic to having the conversation right then (for example “I’m out at lunch, how about I call you in a bit?”) or you can try and have the whole conversation without having a phone call at all (“If this is about Sophie’s baby shower, then I think we should get the blue one. I’ve put $30 in your account“). Either way you can delay the conversation, or the need to have it at all. Risk: Repetitive strain injury.


Facebook Message

Similar strategy here to the text messaging above but requires slightly more effort. You will need to log onto Facebook, log into your account, find said friend and send a message. Example: “Hey, missed your call, we are away for the weekend. Speak to you in a bit.”  Now this option could go two ways. If you are silent, then it may go in your favour. Your friend may assume that you were indeed busy and got online in his/her busy day to quickly to send this lovely message (lucky friend you are!). But if you are indeed posting trip updates, photos and are Facebooking everywhere all weekend, then you might be caught out for just not being bothered, and get a rude message in return of your own. Risk: Being caught out by not being busy enough. 

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Daily Life

Am I lucky, or do I choose?

July 7, 2017

I’ve been flat-out with a sore throat the last few days, and The Ginger Hunk has a cough. I feel that we are reinfecting each other without it leaving the house. Anyway I need to get my brain and my creative juices going because I have not been thinking much for the past few days and I’ve chosen a word tonight to write about to linkup with #fridayreflections finally, and the word is LUCKY. This is what Lucky means.

  1. having or marked by good luckfortunate: “That was my lucky day”
  2. happening fortunately lucky accident.
  3. bringing or foretelling good luckor supposed to do so: a lucky penny.

Now lucky is a word that’s bandied around a lot. In my opinion it it is often used to replace other words. (Like hard work, choice and sacrifice.) Here’ some lucky references that I always get:

  • “You’re lucky you get to travel so much”
  • “You’re lucky you’re in a good relationship”
  • “You’re lucky you live near the beach”
  • “You’re lucky you work four days a week”

I’ve even bandied it around myself and I even did it this week over on Instagram. Because I actually feel guilty that I am going overseas for the second time this year. Guilty for an overseas trip. Yes that’s right. Because there is that feeling that others are not so “lucky”.

On reflection, lucky isn’t a word that I would use to describe those other things on that list of mine, including the second overseas trip this year.  They come from the choices that I’ve made. I get to travel because I SAVE money for travel. I prioritise travel over other things in life. Fancy dinners out, home renovations, living in a bigger place and having children don’t have a spot over travel in my heart. Who is to say that that won’t change? It might one day. But for now, travel makes my heart sing in a way that those other things don’t. I’ve work in Government for eight years and got to the point where I’m pretty skilled in my line of work. I’ve accumulated long service leave and work for bosses that are willing to give me flexibility as they can see it makes me a better worker.

So yes. I do get to travel. But I choose travel in my life over other things. This does not make me lucky.

The same goes with the four days a week thing. I do not work four days a week because I am rich and have a hidden influx of money. I’m not lucky. I looked at my finances. I looked at our life. I looked at the value of my time over money, helping The Ginger Hunk recover and being around to help him grow his photography business. Having a day to not think about mental health is also good for my mental health.  This is a financial cut, but a personal gain. So it isn’t luck. It’s a give and take.

What is luck?

I’m lucky if I won the lottery.

I’m lucky if a ladybird lands on me.

I’m lucky to be  in good health and be born in Australia.

But the rest of it?

I choose.

Love Ashleigh XXX

Do you believe in luck?

Love to hear your comments.

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Daily Life


June 7, 2017

When it came to leaving Bali, I didn’t want to leave. I cried when the car pulled through Amed for the last time, going over those mountains, looking over the rice fields. I think somewhere in Asia is my soul home. I’ve written about it before. I feel like I am home when I get there and I cry when I leave. I’ve had this feeling from the first time I travelled to Thailand when I was 22. How can you explain to people back here what your journey was when you were gone? (Even weirder when it was spending a month figuring out how to relax and hold your breath under the ocean). I describe it  to people who have not tried freediving is that it is like underwater meditation. Anyway, it was a journey of sorts but not a time-to-figure-out-my-life type journey. I dived 24 out of 30 days and was so exhausted every night I didn’t even read a book or hardly blog. Excuse the weird format of my blog by the way, I will get to it now I have better wifi and time. Plus all my delayed travel posts that are in my head!

So now I am back in the cold, with my cats and my love, and my new job. I missed some things about home. My bed. My exercise routine, normal food, a shower with water pressure and having something to get my brain ticking. If I lived there for longer I would need a business or to ramp up the writing.  My new job is great as far as jobs go. Continue Reading…

Daily Life


April 8, 2017

Before any big change in my life my body just shuts down. It’s so weird. I find I am sleeping less, go into over eating chocolate mode and get some kind of infection. This week I’ve been hit with a kidney infection (worsened by me taking the wrong antibiotics) and it’s two weeks before I pack up my life and head to Bali for six weeks.  I feel I have so much to do. And I’m getting nervous, with all those stupid negative what am I doing with my life voices in my head. Am I even good enough a free-diver to dedicate my leave to this? What’s the point?

The actual point is that there is not point. We all just have to do the things we enjoy. That is what I am working out anyway.  Continue Reading…

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Weight Loss Journey Update : My Best Me

March 20, 2017

I was blogging and vlogging about my weight loss journey and going pretty darn well.  I rounded up in February with 75.3kg with an almost 8kg loss. I was aiming for a happy 70kg (67 being my ‘thin weight’ and 73 being my ‘average’.  Then I had the meltdown of February, combined with The Ginger Hunk’s 40th, work stress, Melbourne trips and boozetown. And so it has been a month since I stepped on the scales. And I’m scared. Back to that negative thinking of gasping aloud, aligning my weight with my sense of self. And it wasn’t meant to be like that, but it’s what weighing myself every day for three months and messaging a group of strangers my weight did to my brain.

Oh and also not eating any carbs. Which made me a bit cray, because you do need them to think.  So now, I’m going back to basics and wellness while keeping some of the tricks I learnt whilst losing weight.  I’m sure my month of being waylaid didn’t ruin everything. I’ve still been training, walking and hitting the barre classes and pilates. I’m feeling my core switch on like it never has before and can finally get into my skinny jeans again. But at the same time, I’ve been hitting the 3pm chocolates a little hard.   Continue Reading…