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I was a little bit late to join the Instagram party. Never had the urge. Never got into it.

THEN I got into this blogging thing and everyone else has Instagram. I thought I must join.

With all the love my little cat has had on Facebook I thought she should have her own private slice of internet stardom. So last week I introduced Sasha as sashi_cat to the word on Instagram. At last count she has almost 70 followers. In ONE WEEK.

(Please note that I have been blogging for six months and have 82 Facebook followers. Most of whom are my friends. Hello friends!)

Anyway, sashi_cat is building up her online presence so I can eventually follow my WILD ambitious dreams to become a cat lady author, and turn the feline that I love into a pretty picture book . Sashi_cat is followed by friends, stylists, models, cat lovers and even some new international cat friends.

One of Sasha’s cat friends has 14000 followers! Then there are the random human followers as well, such as ‘Babysdady’ from Southern California who likes ‘clippers, cats and gats’. (What exactly is a gat?)

Babysdady ALSO has a white cat with one blue eye and one green eye.

It is very cute.You can see said cat below.


I have learnt that cat people around the world unite on the net using feline related hashtags. (Before last week, I didn’t even know what a hashtag was.)

You can find sashi_cat and other cool cats by searching these tags #meow #catsoofinstagram #whitecats.

Just saying, I think my Sasha is the cutest cat on #whitecats.

I thought Sasha was doing okay with her internet fame.

Then I found nala_cat. (For those not in the know, nala_cat is the cream of Instagram cats, with OVER 1.4 MILLION FOLLOWERS.)

Nala even sells stuff over here. Bow ties, t-shirts, mugs, shark beanies and phone covers, all of which nala models with those big blue eyes.

Just quietly, I think that nala_cat might be the cat master who is leading world feline domination and plotting with all our furry friends. Maybe they communicate through the Instagram machine while we are sleeping?? Just saying..

Nala Cat


Nala CatI keep telling The Husband that all we have to do is market the cat correctly and we too can build a massive empire.

But what can Sasha do that has not been done before?

Can we make her wear a shark costume? Film her riding a Roomba chasing a duck WHILE wearing a shark costume?

It has all been done before. Poor sashi_cat has #nochance.

To my little sashi_cat, l want you to know (because I know you can read and surf the net) that I love you. Even though you hiss at strangers, hog the heater, swat my head while I sleep, and hide from the vacuum cleaner (instead of riding a Roomba in a shark outfit), to me, you are and will ALWAYS be the most famous cat in the land.

Follow sashi_cat and her adventures of hiding from the vacuum cleaner, scratching and hissing at humans here. 

#meow #catsofinstagram #whitecats #cats






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