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Christmas – Cat Lady Style

Always such a hype.. for 12 small hours. But they were lovely weren’t they?

We did it differently this year and tried not to squish too many things into one day. I had a lovely Saturday night before Christmas with my parents, pork and the trimmings, the present exchange – just the four of us. This means we did not have to run around to 27 different locations on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day we woke up (no hangover) my Husbands best friend somehow got a leave pass from his three little ones for a couple of hours (I guess they had been up since 5am) and we went for a beautiful ocean swim together and a coffee! Our coffee shop was open!

I love watching my husband interact with his bestie. It is like they are so excited to see each other and I can imagine them as four-year olds.


It is so cute, they really look like the bestest buds in the land.

After a swim, we got into the car and drove to my sisters place for a champers and give our presents to the little ones.




DSC_0097They were hyper. It is a big day for the little humans. There were tears, explaining that ALL the presents were not for them, that they could not play with them all at once and a cheers on the front lawn in the hot sun.




Then off we went, up north and got the ferry to the Central Coast to see The Ginger Hunks family. There we ate the biggest Oysters in the Land. ( I also identified that I would like to retire at a waterfront property in Wagstaff. Oh, and I did not run into my Ex. In case you were wondering!)


Mud Crab. Afternoon snoozes with my nephews. Giant Oysters. Dinner take two.

A movie and a sleep in.

Family. Love. Laughter.




On Boxing day we returned and had our unit block party. We may never afford a house but money can’t buy what we have here.


It looks like our block party is an annual thing now!

Last year, being the new owners on the block I proceeded to be the drunkest person there and woke up with a broken toe. This time I actually stayed SOBER and woke up and went for a swim this morning.

Nothing like NOT waking up with a hangover.


So, here I am finishing this year, how I want to start next year.

For the next week, I have ocean swims, reading time, a new gym trial and catch ups with friends planned.

In between are the mandatory afternoon snoozes with my kitty cat and dreaming up big things.

DSC_0147~2 (1)


What are you doing over your Christmas break?

Any big plans?

I hope your Christmas was Merry! XX

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