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Don’t ‘Just’ Do It – Do It!

I read a post about using the word JUST all the time by Healthy Zest today and had to share  my thoughts on it because it’s probably the best thing I have read in a while. I have realised that I am a SERIAL ‘JUSTER’.

This is what inspired her original post – these wise words that Megan Vuillermin wrote; 

“Stop using the word JUST.
We are ‘just’ getting married in our garden
I ‘just’ got a b on my test.
We’re ‘just’ going to Merimbula, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, (insert place) for our holidays.
I ‘just’ ran 2 kms.
It was ‘just’ a cert 3 course she did.
Get where I’m going? It diminishes any value or worth you give something. This in turn affects the way you think and feel about your own actions and anyone else’s (which in turn still affects you). And more importantly it affects your self worth.
And, another way to look at this is to consider those who would give everything they had for a holiday ‘just’ somewhere.
Read the above statement with and without the word JUST and see how that feels.”

So what do I ‘just’ do… instead of owning what I do?

A LOT of things – here are some examples.

Wow you did a half ironman that is so awesome!

Me – Yeah, I just finished. I took a long time. I am just really slow.

The proper answer – Yes I did. It was awesome, I trained really hard for six months and achieved something I never thought possible.

You write a blog, cool!

Me – Yeah, it’s just a little blog about silly things that come to me. It’s nothing special. 

The proper answer – Yes I do. I have been blogging for about a year and have gained so much personally and grown a loyal audience.

You published a travel article? Well done!

Me – Oh it’s just for a little online publication. The pay wasn’t much. No big deal.

The proper answer – Yes I did! I was chuffed to write for Mildred Magazine and combine my two passions, travel and writing.

So while we say we are ‘just’ doing things… we are not owning all of our well deserved glory!

So go ahead and do it!

Not ‘just’ do it (even though that is what we are told!)

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