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Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat People

December 20, 2015

Know a crazy cat lady? (or man!)

Here are five Christmas gift ideas for the cat people in your life.

1. Pussweek Magazine 

Miss Fleur @middleagedmama is one lucky kitty. Her @pussweekmagazine is on the way with her @fancyfeastcatfood and springs!!!! Enjoy Miss Fleur. #meow #whitecatsofinstagram #writingcat #daily_category #catoftheday

You’re not a cat person if you have not heard about Pussweek.

Creator Bexy McFly and her team of cool cats, have two fabulous editions of this wonderful magazine.

Cats will love it, and humans will chuckle. Get yours here  and find local stockists.

2. Catmosphere Sydney Pass

A furriend of mine today at @catmospheresyd !!! Isn't he majestic! #catmospherecafe #catmosphere #catmospheresyd #catmospheresydney #catoftheday #catcafe #meow #lionking

Meet Obi Wan Catnobi (pictured above) and the other smoochy cats at Catmosphere Sydney, Sydney’s first cat cafe.

As if it wasn’t good enough already, they have since added CAT YOGA, yes, you heard right, CAT YOGA to their list of activities. Book right meow! 

3. A Bed from Love That Pet 


It’s kind of one for cats. But doesn’t she look cute? Thus this will make your cat human person happy every time they look at said pet in cute bed.

Check out Sasha’s post to get a discount before the end of January.

4. Cat Earrings 

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 6.46.52 pm

There are so many amazing cat earrings on e bay. These are 0.78 cents each! So cute. With their little bottom cat tails dangling off. Order here.

5. A book, (with a cat in it.)

Purrfect end to a long weekend. My @sashi_cat and some big magic. #bigmagic #sydneyblogger #sydneywriter #elizabethgilbert #bigmagic #creative #creativelife

Although Sasha did enjoy Big Magic, why not get your cat person a book about a cat? Some of the best books I have read about kitties include:

The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide, Cleo, by Caroline Mockford, and A Streetcat Named Bob, by James Bowen. 

We hope you have a Meowy Christmas! 

Ashleigh and Sashi_Cat XXX

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  • Hugzilla

    I finally got to read Big Magic the other day – FREAKING AMAZING.

    • It’s pretty good isn’t it. And so I keep ‘creating’ this blog that probably costs me money. Just because.

  • My favourite cat book is “Dewey: the small town library cat who touched the world” by Vicki Myron. Great gift ideas for cat ladies and men 🙂

    • I have heard of this book! It is now on my list! I feel that there might be a link between creative people and cats. Just saying. I seem to have met a lot of blogging cat ladies this year!

  • I still need to make my way to Catmosphere. Thinking of going during the Christmas break.

    • Do you live near the city? They have CAT YOGA once a week in the new year. This could be our purrfect time to meet!

      • I live in the Shire but in the new year, my new job is in the eastern suburbs. I could totally come for cat yoga! 🙂