Guest Blog: From the Cat

Guest Blog from The Cat – A Christmas Surprise from Love That Pet

December 9, 2015

It has not been a good week. First, it appears I am not ‘mature’ enough to have access to tinsel just yet. (I admit I do eat it.)

On another note, the humans have been away in Bali. I know now for a fact that they touched a lot of pussies when they were gone. I am not happy about it at all. I busted them through their mobile phones when they were sleeping last night and I was instacatting with my furriends.

All the evidence is right there! First, mum stayed in a place with three cats. Tabby ones! One even spent the night with her in her bed!

Mumma at @mymeowblog had to say goodbye to Mamma Puss today. I hope she makes a new furrrriend in Amed! I wish I had stripes like that. #tabbycat #meow #lionking #instacats #catsofinstagram #balicat #travelcat #cat #catoftheday

THEN she found a place in Amed that had a restaurant kitty. (A black and white one!)

As if that was not enough, The Ginger Hunk was caught smooching a ginger boy cat on his last night in Bali.

I am not impuressed. (Usually they laminate me so I can join them, but this time they forgot about me completely!)

Real men love cats. @jamesmillsphoto caught canoodling a ginger boy on his second last night in Bali. Meow! #catpeople #gingercat #ginger #meow #whiskers #cats #instacat #furbaby

Luckily, whilst they were gone, the lovely hoomans at Love That Pet sensed that I had been abandoned and they sent me some love in the post!

An early Christmas surprise for my torment, some mew food from ZiwiPeak to try.


I admit that I was a little bit skeptical. I hoover my previous brand of cat food like a rat on cocaine. I was sure that nothing could beat the taste.

But I take it back. Ziwi is actually made of REAL food, no preservatives and is 100 per cent natural, not like the brand of cat crack cocaine.

So I actually had to chew the wet food up with my little teeth to get out the nutrients.


It also made me feel FULL and I didn’t meow for food again for HOURS. My humans thought something was wrong!

(But, this was because of all my nutrients straight in my little belleh.)

And the biccies? Crunchy on my teeth (but not too crunchy) and I could smell it straight away, man was my head in that bowl.

For Christmas Kitties the lovely humans at love that pet have offered my people a discount.

You get 20 purr cent off using the voucher below, before the end of January 2016.

They have pawesome things, (like my bed that I got earlier in the year)and other Christmas gift ideas for kitties. 

Get your humans onto it right meow!

Here is the code!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.07.44 am

Back to eating tinsel before I get caught again.

And as purr usual you can follow all my usual days on Instagram. 

Sasha The Cat. 

PS. I might have been fed in exchange for this post



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