Guest Blog: From the Cat

Guest blog: From The Cat. A wonderful week for pussies!

August 31, 2014

My Human is really tired today because a small human came and stayed with us last night so I am writing the blog today. The small human took over MY ROOM which I was not happy about AT ALL. Anyway, he has gone now and I have rightfully taken my throne back on the red cushion and while I write this I am watching over the goings on in the loungeroom. I am pleased to note that this week has been a MAJOR step towards us achieving feline world domination. Us cats are finally getting it together. Besides communicating via Instagram, we now have our own magazine called Pussweek! Check it  out here.

Now, I did not make this issues front cover, because I was having a bad hairball day so this was disappointing. (Look out for me in the next issue though.) But as you can see by the photo below, I am not one to be jealous at all. I was not even able to wait to download until the humans went to work (this is me reading it while they are in the shower).

( Side note. Humans are so stupid. Little do they know I can work the computer and whilst they are out I  also use the time to transfer monies to my offshore account in the Bahamas.)


My mate Ollie has been busy pawing away at the keyboard to launch the first issue. In it you will CATch up on the latest celebrity gossip, who has put on weight and who is looking purrfect (personally I have always had a thing for those ginger cats). Top articles include – what does your scratching post say about you and how you can beat a catnip addiction. (I myself have never had a problem with catnip, but I know many brothers who fight the battle. I never did really know what my disinterest in scratching posts meant now, I will try to be a better cat from MEOW on I promise!)

Trims extreme sports section was a bit to much for my liking. With my pristine coat I need to be careful about what activities I undertake. Next time I have asked Ollie to do a feature on fashion for cats, for those without stripes and who are just one colour who want to spice things up a bit, like myself. However, the more active kitties out there will like the tips on how you can annoy your humans by taking on Kung Fu Biting and Stairway to Heaven.

Benji’s star section and paw reading are the parts that the humans will think are a Capturefunny joke, but over time Benji will be gradually giving us the clues to take over the world. (I have already been funneling him money to the Bahamas.)

Feline friends you must download Pussweek here and stay in touch for the next phase of world domination here!

And as usual, I have taken control of my humans Instagram account, you can look at photos of me here.

Meow for now, Sashi_cat <3







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