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Guest Blog From the Cat: Diary of a spider bite

June 24, 2015

I have some bad mews. Mum got bitten by a spider last week and she has not been feeling well. She is under strict instructions to rest and put her leg up. Of course I am supervising and taking over the whole situation. She was away when the whole saga unfolded so here is what happened.

Mon (Sydney): Mum woke up with an itchy foot. Self diagnosed as a mozzie bite. I feel purrsonally bad that I did not kill the thing first. I must have been off duty.

Wed (Darwin): Foot getting noticeably swollen and itchy. Mum was all the way at the top of Australia helping other hoomans. So she thought it was just from the heat. Anyway, she went to the hooman chemist and they gave her anti-histamine and itchy cream and then sent her away.

Thurs: By the evening mum’s foot was so swollen she could hardly walk! It was all puffy and she had the tingles up her leg. She could not even shop at the markets! (That means it must have been really sore.) So she made an appointment to see the hooman vet the next day.

Fri: Visit to the hooman vet in Darwin, who  was a very nice lady and said mum had a cellulitis infection in her foot. Prescribed antibiotics and a special cream for the bite.

Sat: Mum is home safe! Wohoo! Snuggle. Purr. Head bump.

Tues: Not much improvement, and mum was feeling a bit dizzy so we go back to the hooman vet in Sydney. The swelling has gone down but the bite remains inflamed and very sore. The new hooman vet prescribed super strong antibiotics, took a scrape of the bite and we go back to get her paw checked on Thursday. If this does work then she might need to get it removed!

I’m hoping that it clears and she does not need surgery because mum is very busy lady and not very good at sitting still. And we still can’t find out what kind of spider it was. We will never know. I am on high bug watch for now. If anything comes near her, it’s getting eaten!

Anyhow, I am back to making sure she keeps that leg up for now.

Thanks for all your well wishes my furriends!

Meow for now,

Sasha The Cat

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