Guest Blog: From the Cat

Guest blog: From the Cat. Facts about white cats

October 13, 2015

Hello my furriends,

It’s time for the next instalment of tails on Tuesday! My humans have been away a lot, and taking the computer with them, so I have not had access till meow. Sigh. Anyhow. I wanted to share with you today some special facts about white cats that you may or may not know. (You will know them already if you’re smart, but if not, you’ll be smarter after this.)


We are rare

Did you know that only five per cent of us are white! Around 95 per cent of us are other colours. This is a shame for the other kitties. (In my opinion.)


We are good luck 

Contrary to the belief that our black cousins are bad luck if you see one, I am pleased to say that me and my furriends are good luck. We can be shy. We can be sketchy. But it is a fact that we are good luck.

I am having a wonderful Caturday meditating in the sun! Hope yours is great too! #caturday #saturday #whitecats #daily_category #meow #whiskers #love #relax

We are more likely to get cancer

I am forbidden by my humans to sunbake. Forbidden. Here is a sneaky selfie I took when they were not looking. It’s hard to block all the sun out of the apartment, so I do get a little bit in. BUT I am not meant to. That is why I am an indoor cat. See that precious pink nose of mine? Cats with fair skin and pink noses are at high risk of getting skin cancer. (Particularly in Australia where I live, the sun is hideous. )So I am quite happily an indoor cat, and this was part of the deal when I was rescued. I do have a little walk outside once a day, and lots of toys. I also get a great vantage point for bird watching from my balcony chair in the shade. So, don’t feel that I am missing out on any usual cat things. Life is good.


If we have blue eyes we are more likely to be deaf 

Now this kitty above is not what I would classify as pure white. But he’s cute. So I wanted his photo in here. Anyway, I get distracted. Of the five per cent of us special cats that are white, some of us have blue eyes. If one or two of the eyes are blue, we are 60 per cent more likely to be deaf. While this is a bit sad, it’s not a reason to not adopt a white kitty. My sister Ruby has blue eyes and she is deaf, but lives a happy and full life. She needs to be kept indoors though with some extra help from humans.


We are famous in Japan – Maneki neko

The Japanese are not only forward thinkers in technology. But also in their cat beliefs. This little good luck charm is known as Maneki Neko. The Japanese believe that white cats bring good luck, fortune AND prosperity. We sure do! Most of the Japanese have one of me in their homes, like the one above. Surely the rest of the world will follow soon!

What colour is your fluff?

Have you heard anything great about it?

Meow for now, have a great tails on Tuesday!

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Sasha The Cat XXX

Images sourced from Pixabay 

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