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Guest Blog from the Cat: here comes the rain!

April 22, 2015

What a terrible week it has been my friends!  On Sunday, my house was ripped up to pieces.

All the furrrniture was moved, even the couch and my special red cushion.


I kept hearing the humans talk about flooring last week, but I tried to ignore them in the flurry of activity that was going down.

As you can see I ignored it all, hoping that it would just go away.


But suddenly on Sunday I was whisked away in the cat carrier in the noisy human transportation machine. I thought it was the vet at first (and although he is a furriendly man I do not like him at all) but it was to my grandparents! Grandma is okay, as she is nice and talks to me in a quiet voice. Granddad is a bit to excited about cats and he does not understand why I am so shy. I think just quietly that he has a thing against white cats. He says that they are snobby. He comes at me with his loud voice and then I hiss at him and we generally do not get along. This was all too much to take already and then the storm started!


Oh my goodness. I was on high alert for days and my eyes were like saucepans! It was hard for me to secure the perimeter and make sure that everyone was safe. I came out for lots of inspections and luckily there are lots of cat caves for me to hide in at Grandmas. I feel so sorry for the people that lost their cat caves, and do not have a place to stay warm. I hope all the other kittys and their humans are safe now that the storm has calmed. I came out eventually to have a look at what was going on outside and I was not impurressed!  Then the wind and rain started again and I was whisked back inside by the human. She knows I do not like to become an icy pole cat, (although I am excitable by the rain.)


I am now keeping myself busy by distracting myself from the storm and supervising Grandma do her work like I do with the Ginger boy.

(She says she doesn’t like cats in the house anymore, but I think she likes having me around.)


Stay safe and warm please NSW humans and kitties!

I hope to be back neighbourhood watching in the sun from my usual home by the weekend.

As usual, all my daily happenings, walkies and observations can be seen on my instagram page.

Meow for now,

Sasha The Cat.

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