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Guest Blog from The Cat: How to help your Humans

November 12, 2014

My mum has been super busy doing human things so I am guest blogging tonight.

But that is okay as it’s been a while since I have written and I have been up to all sorts of pawesome things to fill you in with!

I have been loads of help to my humans, being on bird watch this week and helping them with household tasks.

I think ALL humans need help like this. So feel free to use any of the below tips, if you have paws and fur.

Here is how my week has been!

Caturday started with me getting into heaps of trouble because I was on ‘bird’ watch early in the morning on the bedside table. Bird watch is something you MUST do if you are a cat! You can do this from indoors too! This morning task involves me imitating a pigeon and running across the humans heads using the bed side tables on either side of the bed as a launch pad. This alerts them of possible bird threats while they are asleep.  The Humans caught me and told me it was too early, so I did my frozen stance – here I am pretending that I am blended into the wall and that I wasn’t even there. Worked a treat!


Because the humans have been so lazy, I have had to run the whole house which means I took care of the clean laundry on Sunday.


Everyday I have been keeping an eye out for possible threats from the safety of my ‘cat cave’ at all times.


Daily claw maintenance takes a couple of mewnites (works best on the couch or any expensive item that can be shredded).


Dealing with intruders appropriately (humans are so useless, this thing could have killed us all!)


And this thing they brought into the house on Monday! Much bigger but I took it on!


I keep the humans active daily when they get home from work every day by running up the stairs outside and staying just out of reach for a while!

(This works out their arms too!)


As you can see a cat’s job is never ending.. especially when your humans need extra help at times like mine do.

Anyway, I must run… moth patrol is calling.

Meow for now.

Have a pawsome week!

Sashi Cat XX

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