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Guest Blog from the Cat : How to survive Christmas.

December 24, 2014

Christmas is sadly full of forbidden items.

First there is the Tree. With Birds.

(I know they are fake but they still provide hours of prowling practise.)


Then there is Tinsel.

Tinsel makes the kitty litter go like stardust and fairy sparkles!


The Wreath….Great for face grooming!


The Christmas Bush ( which I didn’t get access to last year – a new attraction! )


This is great for practising fetching and hiding… I particularly like ripping the red bits off, separate them and hide them around the house.

*You can also do this with a pine Christmas Tree, if you are lucky enough to access one!

Now, a warning! If you overdo these things your humans will get sick of cleaning this stuff up and it will be confiscated.

So try not to get too excited!

In the last few days the humans removed all such festive items from my paws.

This was very annoying and ruined all my plans for the festive week!

Do not despair furriends because there is still more you can do to annoy your humans at this time of year when all else fails.

Stare the humans out. Eventually they will think you are so cute with your guilty blank eyes that they will have to give you an early purresent!


Meow loudy and smootch around legs whenever you smell the tantalising smell of foreign foods. This is a good time of year to try mew things!

Open your purresent anyway without waiting!

I got in trouble when I did this but they shouldn’t have wrapped it in the crinkiest paper of them all!

(And it’s exactly what I wanted! A dancing butterfly!)


The final tactic… Rip all the card labels off the purresents under the tree!

This keeps the humans on their toes, as it becomes a memory gift wrap game for them. If they get it wrong then people end up with surprise purresents!



Meow for now and see you crazy cats on the other side!

Sasha The Cat

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