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July 21, 2015

My human got her shit together and I am going to be featuring monthly on the blog! So I present to you the first instalment of ‘Tails on Tuesday’ where I write all sorts of feline related things, as I plan to take over the world.

This week is dedicated to telling you about my pawesome friends, who you might not know. (But should.)

1. Bailey Boat Cat 


Being an indoor cat, I envy Bailey Boat Cat. He lives on a freaking yacht! His humans also seem very nice as they are always bringing him treats. Bailey the boat cat can swim, and has delicate coffee roasted fur that I would like to lick one day. But for now I just follow blog to hear of his exciting life living on the high seas. You can check him out here. 

2. Nala Shark



The cream of the internet cats, Nala has a lot going on. With pretty stripes, shark outfits, iphone cases and Nala pillows, I am way behind the eight ball when it comes to my mewkating strategy. (The japanese cats are very good at this.) You can check out Nala, and her glorious stripes and mewchandise over here. Nala is something we all aspire to be.

3. Oskar

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.33.00 pm


This Californian cool cat is one brave boy. He takes his humans everywhere. If I wasn’t such a scaredy cat I’d love to run in the fields and play in the ponds like this. One day. For now I have to settle with hissing over the balcony at people. Oskar is an up and coming star of the Instacat scene. You can find him here. 

4. Wallace


A common rescue kitty like myself, he has been adopted into the family of my human aunty. He doesn’t have his marketing strategy down just yet, but with a harrow-some start to life (including ringworm and being pushed around the house in a pram) I reckon a book deal is on the way. “How to survive living with small humans” has a great ring to it, and something I think that we can all learn.

Anyway, I must go now and bite the boy humans toes, whilst he is still vulnerable..

Meow for now, and as always, you can follow me on the Instagram machine. 

Sasha the Cat

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