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Guest Blog from the Cat. My FIRST HOLIDAY!

December 7, 2014

The humans were sneaky. They drugged me. Put me in the cage. And THEN they drove with me in the large vaccum cleaner for what seemed for a very long time!

I protested of course.

Last time they put me in that thing I ended up at the vet with some weird stuff being put in my eyeball a short time later. I hated it. So I wasn’t going to put up with that again. Anyway. I was prepared for a fight when I saw the cage get out but the humans were onto me. A strange yellow tablet was put down my throat and I soon stared dreaming of pilchards and parrots. I was in a semi weird sleep while I was in the travelling loud vacuum cleaner. I didn’t like it but I could sniff the human next to me. She kept patting me which was nice.

The cat valium was also nice and I face planted into my food dish. Opps.


Eventually we stopped the car, and it wasn’t the lady vet. We were at a huge beach house!

Of course, as I mentioned before as humans are quite lazy, I have been working really hard to organise things and secure the house.

On arrival, I had to check all the cupboards for possible threats… they could have been anywhere….


 I cleared the entry and exit points…..


Arranged the seating plan…..


And scoped out the best views…


Its hard to keep an eye on everything but I am doing a great job so far,

I am even on surf patrol!


Anyway I must be off … because as you can see I am very busy!

I hope you are all having a good holiday!

Meow for Now…. Sashi Cat.

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