Guest Blog: From the Cat

Guest Blog – From the Cat – The Cat Film Furstival

October 6, 2014

Morning Furriends!

The girl human is having a break from writing this long weekend, because she went out last night to the Cat Film Furstival. So I am writing the blog this morning for her. All the kneading in the world would not have woken her up today.

Humans are so stupid. They thought they could have a film furstival without us knowing. Fancy not having cats allowed at a festival for cats. Luckily we were all communicating on Instagram while they were out keeping up with what was happening. So many silly humans.

My humans went of course, because the girl human is particularly crazy for cats. And they got all dressed up like cats. I think this is weird. Really, these cat comet pants should not be worn by anyone. (We have fur, not comet pants by the way.)


You can see how unimpressed I was by that stupid tattoo my mum got on her face

IMG_20141005_221528~2~2She tried to snuggle me when she got home. TRYING to pretend like it was all okay that she PAID MONEY to go and look at other cats.

As you can see I wasn’t having a bar of it.

Below are all the silly humans who are paying good money to see cat videos, when we are all at home, doing our thing. (For free by the way.)


My mate Benji snuck in and was there, doing his paw readings. He was on fire apparently and having a really accurate day. Good for Benji, because personally I thought my star sign was a bit off last month. (I am still waiting for my pilchards.)

It was good that he was there, because I could get the scoop on what my humans were up to.


They did come home with a PRINT copy for me of Pussweek Magazine, that I can scratch and some motivating pictures for my vision board. This did make me purr, SLIGHTLY, although I held it in as much as I could because she still isn’t forgiven for going.


Anyway, I have some washing to do in the sun, and some bugs to catch.

Meow for now.

From the Cat.



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