Guest Blog: From the Cat, Musings of sorts

Guest Blog – From The Cat

July 19, 2014

Hi Furry Friends!

Today one of my humans (the nicer one) let me be a guest blogger on her website so I could enter a competition to win some toys. If you want to win some stuff yourself check out Lavish Tails here .

Here is what I wrote today to the humans running the competition: 

My name is Sasha.

I am a white exotic snow leopard who reins over two humans in land of Sydney.

They call me ‘The CAT’ but I am not sure why as I am much more superior to this title.

I like to annoy my humans by siting on the bookcase instead of the cat shelves they built me.

This way I get direct access to the magical hot air blowing machine and I am in the centre of the room so I can keep an eye on what the humans are doing at all times. I also complete frequent food bowl checks from up here for any new updates.

I also make a great bookend.


I am an indoor leopard because I am white and I can get very sunburnt with my pink nose. I am destined for the snow but even though I live in an apartment I still get up to mischief.

My favorite things to play with are clean washing, expensive clothes, my tunnel and the springs.

2013-11-16 06.54.04

I like to meow at the birds on the balcony and occasionally (if they are naughty) I prey on my humans while they sleep.

I do this by scratching their feet or attacking any dangling body parts which may edge over the bed.

This keeps my humans entertained throughout the long dark night.

I also play bongo drums on the blinds or enjoy meowing at the hot air machine.

I like to do this at 3.41am.

I do not sleep on the designated ‘cat bed’ but prefer to rub my white fur all over this red expensive cushion.  2013-12-31 18.54.34

Or I like to edge the humans out of the bed during the night slowly.


I have many small toys which I love to push under the couch, the fridge and hide in VERY safe places away from the humans. I then laugh and watch while they try and retrieve the items I have hidden.


I think that I could have a lot of fun with that COOCOO thing from Lavish Tails. It looks feathery like the birds outside that the humans keep me away from.

I am very smart.

I have also just learnt how open the door to the Tupperware cupboard.

I have a lot of fun in there.

I hope my humans win the toy for me.

Being an indoor leopard, I think I drive them kind of crazy.

But they need to know who the boss is.

From Sasha (The Snow Leopard of Sydney)

2014-01-15 07.03.55

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