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I arrived home yesterday. It felt like I was away for ages. It is a bit weird to not be going back to work to be honest. I admit it does help that ‘dread’ feeling that you usually get when returning from holiday. I had a default hiatus from blogging last week. Not planned but I just didn’t have the mojo or the time for it. My freediving course really took it out of me, we were falling asleep every night around 8.30pm, then I had to interview people for my articles on Amed in the last few days of the trip. (For the minute it is all waiting for me to write it up.)

Sasha behaved herself and our wonderful house sitter enjoyed a nice kitty with no hissing this time! They were having pats and walks together and everything. This makes me feel more positive about leaving her for longer periods. (I am getting lots of purrs though today I must admit.)

The freediving was awesome despite having ear trouble. I pushed a little hard on the first day and stuffed my ear up, it just got sorer and sorer, and I eventually had to stop. I passed all the components of the level 2 course that I could which were the exam, static breath hold of 2 minutes 45 seconds and 51m swimming under water. I need to return next year to do the depth components – rescue from 15m, 24m deep and coming to the surface using arms only. It feels magic when it all connects under the water. My instructor is really focused on making us relax, and even though I only dove to 15m max this time, I really had the most relaxing freedive of my life. Eyes shut, down the rope, just me and the sea. Didn’t feel breathless nor in a rush. Felt like I could have stayed down there for much longer. I really felt connected to myself and the water for the first time, instead of rushing and looking at the markers on the rope.

We had some really good conversations about what freediving does to your mind, how it helps you gain confidence in life. It really forces you to switch off and go into relaxed mode. If you panic under the water it is all over.

I think it is like Shavasana at the end of a yoga class.

So now I am home, the tree is up and I have presents to wrap. A couple of articles to finish before the end of next week, then it is relaxing time. I am looking forward to the in-laws arriving home, visitors at Christmas, getting back into ocean swimming and The Ginger Hunk getting a new hip. He is having surgery on the 22 December. Not ideal, as he will probably be in hospital for Christmas, but we are so excited about this new hip we can’t wait.

Back to ocean swimming, yoga and walks around the lake this week.

I have applied for some contract work back in Social Work (but let’s face it, I am not in a rush).

Have a great week all!

Happy Monday 

Ashleigh xxx

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