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How To Return Phone Calls In 2017

Back in the day, receiving a phone call on the landline caused a sense of wonderment and achievement. We would run to the phone, in the fear that we might miss out on finding out who it was and if we did not answer then the caller identity would remain a mystery forever.  I fear that the old phone call, to find out how someone is doing is going way off trend.

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We are all busy people these days. I get it. Oh do I get it. On Sunday morning I found myself with some quiet time and I went for a walk. I used this time to call a few people I had not spoken to for a while. Not one person answered the phone. Nor did they call me back by the same means. As it may seem, there are many ways to return a phone call in 2017. The options are confusing. (This post excludes snapchat and twitter because they confuse me.) I shall explain a few ways that you can return a phone call below.


Text Message

The text message is a fast popular way to return a phone call and requires minimal effort. In fact, over 23 billion text messages are sent each day. It can provide a delay tactic to having the conversation right then (for example “I’m out at lunch, how about I call you in a bit?”) or you can try and have the whole conversation without having a phone call at all (“If this is about Sophie’s baby shower, then I think we should get the blue one. I’ve put $30 in your account“). Either way you can delay the conversation, or the need to have it at all. Risk: Repetitive strain injury.


Facebook Message

Similar strategy here to the text messaging above but requires slightly more effort. You will need to log onto Facebook, log into your account, find said friend and send a message. Example: “Hey, missed your call, we are away for the weekend. Speak to you in a bit.”  Now this option could go two ways. If you are silent, then it may go in your favour. Your friend may assume that you were indeed busy and got online in his/her busy day to quickly to send this lovely message (lucky friend you are!). But if you are indeed posting trip updates, photos and are Facebooking everywhere all weekend, then you might be caught out for just not being bothered, and get a rude message in return of your own. Risk: Being caught out by not being busy enough. 


Commenting On Social Media

Who doesn’t cherish a bit of social media love on their Instagram or Facebook? We all do. But should you be expressing that love after ignoring a call from said person. Hmmm. Tough call. Again, like the Facebook message, this could go both ways. This type of response requires a bit more effort than the Facebook message. Replier needs to log into Instagram, find said friends account and give love in the form of “you look amazing” or “yum, wish I was there with you”. Then you will possibly call or not call a few days later. Risk level: Mixed. Dependent on friends value on social media love. 


Social Media Status Update

A bit of an extreme option here. Ignore said friend and post a Facebook update to the whole wide world about how awful your day was then you are bound to get let off the hook for calling anyone back in a hurry. However, note that this option still requires a bit of effort: logging onto Facebook, thinking of said disaster and posting the update. Risk: this may backfire and you may wind up with more phone calls and comments than you ever intended to receive.



What do you do when someone calls you in this day and age?

Any of the above?

Snapchat or Twitter?

Or do you take the simpler route and answer your bloody phone?

Much Love, Ashleigh 

PS. This post meant in good humour if you’re one of those people who never called me back.

I still love you.

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