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It’s raining cats and dogs… and I don’t like it.

March 18, 2015

There have been so many opportunities to adopt free kitties in the last few weeks, but I am not excited about this. I am angry.

Car company Uber partnered with local cat shelters to bring feline friends to your office for a snuggle in the hope that you will adopt a kitty after experiencing the joy. Last weekend Yagoona RSPCA shelter was giving away free kittens because they had so many, apparently 70 in the shelter and around 60 waiting to be surrendered.

Add to this the number of pets that I have seen on various Facebook groups being given away for free, because people move (which is sometimes is not avoidable) or get another pet that the first pet does not get along with. This getting another pet thing gives me the shits.

A lady posted the other day in one group:  “Free to good home. Lovely cat called Emily. Poor Emily is scared of our new dachshund who is very aggressive and won’t leave Emily alone.”  

No offence lady, but the cat does not seem like the issue here, you do.

Did you not think of the impact of choosing another furry family member on your current abode? Particularly an aggressive one?

I replied pretty much asking her this and my post was swiftly removed by admin. Let’s not speak about it and oohhh and ahhhhh about how terrible it is that you can’t keep your first pet. Poor you.

I took my little Sashimi to the vet the other day because she was so excited about life that she ran into something and broke her nose. While I was there the lovely vet (they are all SO lovely) asked me if I wanted another white cat. OF COURSE I DO! I WANT FIFTY! But I told him that although I would love another 587 cats, my little Sashimi is a very territorial lady. I asked what happened to the other cat. He told me the other cat had an abscess, (which is totally curable), but the owners did not want to pay the bill so they ordered the vet to put him down. The vet refused and got the cat signed over to him, fixed him up and is now looking for a forever home for the poor kitty. WHAT ARSEHOLES.


This makes me SO sad, and this free pet thing worries me for a number of reasons. What if a mean horrible person might take them and do whatever they want to them, like this horrible man did the other day.

The other thing is that pets aren’t free.

They cost money to keep as well as personal and family time. A lady said when I was interviewing her the other day for a story that children cost time, money and effort, and unless you are willing to invest all three, you probably should not have them. I agreed wholeheartedly.

The same can be said for a pet.

Before you get a pet, have a think. A long think.

Are you prepared for the money and time a pet costs? Sasha’s little unplanned nose trip to the vet cost us $100.

What will you do when you go on holiday? Do you have the money if your pet gets hit by a car or requires surgery?

Are you going to care for the pet when your kids grow up or get over it?

The cats that we have had lived for 20 years.

Do you have 20 years to give?

When you get a pet love it for life, it’s whole life.


From  a mother of cats past, present and future.


Leo the Lion (18 years)


Winnie the Fried Egg (19 years)


 Sasha the Sashimi (2 years)


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