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January Reflections

January came and went with a blur but it has been a pretty good month.

I started my year by de-cluttering the house after being brainwashed by Marie Kondo. We sent two car loads to charity, put aside some stuff for a fundraising sale, sold all our furniture. Out with the old and in with the new. It feels like we have a new house, and having a desk has really helped my productivity. We spent a little cash at Freedom, with a new desk, couch and table, but seeing we had not done that since purchasing our apartment we thought why not?

I finished all my articles I had due on my recent trip to East Bali, and am now waiting with baited breath to have them published! (That is the annoying part of writing sometimes.) It was nice to send a big fat invoice to one of my regular clients. Until we go to India, I am not pitching any more travel pieces, I have my heart set on a few social issues that I would love to write about, and one just got picked up today by Fairfax! On the mental health work front I started a part time policy contract which seems to be working out. Fast turn around with the work I am doing, nice organised team, good pay. I will be working full time for a period to get some extra cash before going to India. It is nice to actually be in a routine again and have the company of the office.

Fitness wise, I have been swimming and started a weights regime from a friend whom I have been training with. I love it but I MUST turn my attention to my food. I have been eating and boozing too much and I know more than ever that all the exercise in the world does not make up for a diet of wine and cheese. I was a bit horrified seeing photos of me in my swimmers. So being the first of Feb, I am going to lay off the booze. It is 12 weeks till India, and I think I have three ‘must drink’ occasions until then. Booze is the gateway drug for me to all bad things. It is all about the planning, I know what to do and have done it before. Motivation must come.

The Ginger Hunk has not been so good this month, he bung his foot and we can’t wait for surgery. He is on the mend with new orthodics. I am in awe of how positive he is and how he just carries on.

The best part of the month came yesterday. I have been training with Cantoo, for The Big Swim. This time I have been team captaining the team. I convinced my Dad and my sister to join, and yesterday we all did our goal events. Dad swam the 1km, me next to him the whole way, and M swam the 2.8km, I swam this one as well, but I couldn’t keep up with her. That is me and Dad hugging above at the finish line.

So proud and happy.

February is all about pitching, writing, and healthy, healthy eating for me.

How was your January?

Anything good happen? 

Are you trying to put an end to party season too?

Ashleigh XXXX

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