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Looking at The Bright Side

My friend Mr G messaged me the other day. “How are you?” he says.  “You seem to be spiralling at the moment, but you know babe it is just circumstantial and it will all be over soon” says Mr G. Mr G is a good friend and a wise man. We lived through MAJOR report writing together, which sounds like nothing but can only be described by those that lived through it. We have fur babies. We are bonded by a love of travel plans, wise books and good food. We check in with how we are doing frequently with The Cray Cray.

So this nugget of wisdom from him was all I needed to pull me out of a spiral.

The spiral is not only caused by the circumstances I am in but also because I am a control freak. I have our meals planned out for the next 7 days. I have my life goals laminated which is as good as set in stone. Travel plans for the next three years. Savings goals. Fitness goals. Budgets. Lists. Organised is what I am, a little bit obsessive if you like. So, dealing with life, in this situation that I am in at the moment, is not so good for an organised person like me. Health issues, my contract remains uncertain past October, The Ginger Hunks health solution is uncertain, income is uncertain, we are awaiting payment from an unnamed Department that deals with veteran’s affairs.


Life can suck, and when it feels like it sucks, when it feels like you are in that darkness, everything is bad….

But last week I seem to be looking at the Bright Side. For the first time in a long time. Because I can’t organise this away. I can take it day by day.

Some brighter thoughts. Some laughter even. Some positive thoughts. We live in a country where we can consult health experts, and get opinions, and then decide for ourselves. How good is that? I’m going to be in Bali in three weeks for a week of yoga and free-diving. I’ve made it to the gym four times this week and yoga twice, and what wonders that does for your mental health.  The Ginger Hunk is onto a good, enthusiastic physiotherapist and had an injection of sorts to make things more bearable in the meantime. I’m reading a great book that makes me want to stay up at night reading. I sent my children’s book to an illustrator and have decided to self-publish. I’m qualified to do many things, I will get another job if it comes to that. I always do.

Isn’t life better when you look at The Bright Side, even in the darkness?

Happy Sunday 

Ashleigh XXX

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