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Meow Review : Energetic Healing

My lovely friend Meagan over at Lotus Healing and Wellness Centre offered me an energetic healing the other week. It has taken me a while to process the event but I’m ready to write about it now. I have known Meagan for many years, from when she used to wax my hoo haa (as she described it) as a beauty therapist.  Like all of us in our thirties, Meagan has been on a journey to connect with her soul purpose and has spent many years studying healing and meditation, a gift she has had since childhood, but ignored. (Sound familiar?)

When she offered me a healing, it could not have come at a better time. I jumped at the chance and I trusted her completely to take me through this experience.

Energy healing is healing with the hands, where energy passes through the healer and into the persons energy field. This technique has been used for centuries to improve people’s health. All life generates an energy field around it. This field contains information about the physical form it surrounds: the state of a person’s body, mind, and emotional and spiritual development. The physical body and the different layers of the energy field are connected by the chakras, rotating energy centres situated at the core. Each of these centres is connected to a particular layer in the energetic body and to specific organs, glands and systems in the physical body. (Extract from Positive Health)

Energy healing works to help bring a person’s energetic field back to balance and facilitate the persons own ability to heal itself, both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The practitioner who is attuned in their chosen healing modality, acts as a conduit to channel energy into to enhance balance and harmony, free blockages, balance chakras and therefore, bring about healing on every level. Some of the modalities include: Reiki, Theta Healing, Serenity Vibration technique, Golden Dragon, Chakra healing and more. Meagan used seichim , serenity vibrational healing and enlightenment to bring me into balance.

What qualifications does a healer have?

Having a gift of intuition from a young age, Meagan has immersed herself in studies, and completed Reiki Master training and Seichim. The course includes practice, multiple attunements, support in clearing any of her own “stuff” so she may be a clearer “vessel” to facilitate healing for her clients, followed by a 21 day clearing/healing process whereby the vibration of the practitioners body is gradually heightened to be able to “conduct” greater amounts of life force energy to pass onto her clients. During this time, and beyond, the Reiki Master Teacher makes herself available to help the Megan with any questions about healing sessions, situations and helping to clear any personal issues/baggage to remain a clear channel for energy.

My Experience

I arrived ready and armed with some of my own Citrine and Carnelian crystals from my Grandmother that I use for creativity. Meagan had been preparing the space and herself for my healing, to create a safe place where she could be guided. We spoke about her initial messages from my spiritual guides, things that I had been told from intuitives before, which was re-assuring to me. That I’m on the path to where I need to be, but I have not discovered ‘the thing yet’, (I like to think I am in the warm up phase.) Other messages that resonated where that I have some issues with self belief which need to be unblocked to help me reach a higher space. There were lots of nodding and ah ha moments. And other things that I don’t want to write about here.

After lying down, Meagan placed crystals around me for the hour that we would spend together. Moving over me, with her hands, crystals and singing bowl meditation, I can only describe the next hour passed as part of a dream and also a personal journey. It felt like I was in a super deep meditation, some parts uncomfortable, some parts where I was almost nodding off in a state of bliss. As energy released I saw images flash through my mind, like a movie. For some reason, pictures of South East Asia flashed before me. Limestone cliffs, deep blue sea, the smell, the sky. I have written about my connection to Asia before, so I was not surprised to see this, as it is my state of peace when I am there. Like I am coming home, so perhaps I was coming home. Occasionally parts of my body would twinge and feel hot or cold, as energy moved. Particularly my left side started to spasm, which was a little bit freaky, and at one stage I felt sharp pain in my right brain, the part that connects us to creativity. There were moments of discomfort and occasionally, a few pangs of fear, where I was probably holding onto some stuff that no longer served me. I couldn’t see what Meagan was doing, but I could feel her moving, heat and cold as energy balanced. The singing bowl ended the session, and I felt pretty out of it when I came to. I felt like I could have stayed for longer. Perhaps I need 90 minutes next time. It took me quite a while to process the experience and feel ready to drive and even share and write about it, as it was nothing like I have experienced before.


I felt such a sense of calm and quiet for that afternoon that stayed for the following days. The next few evenings my sleep was amazing. I slept for over 10 hours for two nights in a row straight after the healing, with vivid bright dreams for about three nights running. I’ve been having broken sleep the weeks before that, waking up in the night, worrying. In the following week, I felt like I have been able to focus on big picture stuff. My vision board. My Children’s book, which I opened today after feeling so frozen. I was so stuck in the here and now that I forgot where I was going. I feel like some of that stuff has been released, and I have been reminded that I am on the road to my best me.

Would I do it again?

Definitely. Energetic healing will be added to my bag of self-care activities.

How can I find out more?

Find out more at Lotus Healing and Wellness Centre.

Meagan has some amazing specials for new clients here until the end of May.

Did I mention she kept her first trade as a beautician, so combine the two for an afternoon of bliss!

Ashleigh XXX

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