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Merry Christmas from My Meow!

With that click of an email I am done with my submissions for the year!


After a run in the rain, I am celebrating with a little champagne.

I had three stories due in the last week. I was probably praying to be this busy a year ago, so one shouldn’t complain. Something I am not so good at yet in this freelance business is pacing my stories out so it is not a mad rush at the end, like a school assignment.

We shall learn. One day. (Hopefully soon.)

So I’m taking a little hiatus from the blog for a week or so, and will be back online closer to the new year.

It’s time to take a break from the virtual world, and get out there into the real one, for some time with the family.

Thank you to my online and face-to-face friends who have made this year so amazing and the feedback I have received about this little space of mine.

My Meow has doubled it’s readership in 2015, so thank you for visiting and sharing.  I’m yet to make an income from this wide world of blogging, but it has given me so much in the last two years, including helping me work through many big life decisions, meeting new people, and connecting. If someone took it away from me, I don’t know what I would do.

You could not put a price on the happiness, confidence and connections that this website has given me, over the last two years.

So I wish you all a FABULOUS Christmas, and for those that might be doing it tough, I am sending some extra love your way.

See you on the other side!

Love Ashleigh, The Ginger Hunk & Sashi-Cat

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