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My 2016 Intentions

I’m calling these intentions because I don’t want to be so bent on achieving or ‘resolving’ to do things. I have spent my life resolving to do things, lose weight, get that job, run a marathon. Resolving to do things leaves me feeling guilty, short changed, (or I end up doing things, cause I said I would rather than enjoying the process). And so I share this list with you of what I ‘intend’ to fill my life with in 2016.

Here is what my intentions are.

Be present 

I want to actually think about what I am doing when I am doing it, not something else. At work. In conversations. Being with The Ginger Hunk. When I am training. Watching TV not scrolling through my phone. I want to be more present in each and every moment, without thinking of what to do next or where I have to go.

Nourish My Body – The Vegetarian Way

Did you know that I was vegetarian for 17 years? When I did my half-ironman in 2013, I was so tired. I was sick. I was run down. I had low iron. I hit rock bottom. So I started to eat some meat. And I felt amazing, although I have to say, I have never really enjoyed eating it. I never felt right about it. So when the Ginger Hunk went to Dubai for a couple of weeks at the beginning of November, I noticed something. I did not eat meat when he wasn’t around. I naturally gravitated towards veggies and greens. By the week when The Ginger Hunk had arrived in Bali, I had not eaten red meat for four weeks. I just feel better, I can’t explain it. So 2016 shall continue, with a bit of fish thrown in. 

Move more often

This intention isn’t about going crazy, or running a marathon, it is simply about moving. Last year I sat while my arse expanded. I sat for 8 hours in an office each day. Then I sat on the bus for 2.5 hours. Then I sat at home. Sat on the couch. Sat here blogging. 45 minutes of F45 could not make a dent in all the sitting I was doing. So I make an intention to move more, particularly when I am going to be freelancing for most of my week. Get up in the morning and walk for 30 minutes to clear the head. Go for a walk at lunch. Gym at night, still keep up the fitness but just bloody move more during the day. Simple idea huh?

Put myself out there 

This is about belief, and self confidence, which I intend to get more of. Somehow. When The Ginger Hunk says I am a ‘writer’ and introduces me to other humans, I kind of smirk like I am pretending. It is as if I don’t believe it. But I am. I’ve had a heap of shit published. I MAKE MONEY now, and I have two drafts of children’s books waiting to be edited further and sent on their way to publishers. It is my intention to believe in this. I am a writer. It lifts up my soul. It is what I feel like doing every single day. So it is my intention to call myself that, from this moment on. 

More yoga

It makes me feel so darn good that I don’t know why I don’t do it every day.

I intend to fill up 2016 with way more downward dogs, and eventually one day, those heels might hit the ground. 

What are your intentions for 2016? 

What do you want more or less of in your life? 

Any big changes heading your way?

Happy New Year! 

Ashleigh XXX



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