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My Top 5 Tips for Managing Office Stress

This week I am being a very busy bumblebee at work. Two of my team are off, deadlines are looming and I seem to be scrambling to float my head above the water.

Anyway, I DO enjoy my job but as I have ferociously been working towards my deadline, I noticed what I do more of when I am stressed (to make me feel more organised).

Here are my top five tips for alleviating personal stress in the workplace.

1. Laminate


The laminating machine is a GOD SEND. It provides stressy, organised types with a WAY TO MAKE THINGS LAST FOREVER. You get the feeling of starting, finishing, and making something last forever. All in a few minutes.  I have one at home as well as in the office.  I am not kidding.



I like to make all kinds of lists. In different ways. On different type of paper. There is no method to my madness. As someone asked today reading my notes “What does the yellow and blue highlighter mean?“I HAVE NO IDEA! Sometimes I type, sometimes I post it on typed paper. Sometimes I scribble on old school note pads or pre printed ‘to do’ lists. But I am a LIST and not an organised calender alert type person.  It makes me feel good when I cross things off , highlight things and shred things afterwards.

3. KiKi K


This makes point two above easier. You need LOTS of lovely stationary to write your lovely lists and make you feel organised. As my office is located between TWO Kiki K shops  and an office works this is a red flag, but a trip to KiKi K is never wasted. It can make you feel like you have both achieved something and alleviated work stress. Not so good on the wallet.

4. The de cat fur fluff brush 


Like the lamination, the cat brush can provide an instant feeling of gratification, particularly for a cat lady.  You will see both the sticky bit glow with white cat fur, your clothes will go back to black ( in the case of a white cat) and again you feel like you have started and finished something, while remembering how lovely your cat is and how the fur got there in the first place. Even more satisfying is peeling back the sticky layer to reveal the clean underneath layer ready for your next cat fur waxing surprise. If you don’t have a cat owner in the office the brush could be used on a person who is malting.

5. The anti – bacterial wipes.


Although the cleaner is LOVELY,  I am not quite sure what she cleans in 60 seconds. I am sure SURE she does not get rid of the cesspool of germs that are incubating EVERYWHERE, in your phone, your keyboard, on the door handles. A quick daily wipe will eradicate your risk of catching the winter lurgy and make you feel like you have had the flu shot against all the endless office germs. Top off your cleaning frenzy with a spurt of hand gel and wahlah! Your work station is made into a bubble of hygiene, solely for you.

Are there any more tips you care to share that I can try out tomorrow?  



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