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October Reflections

October 31, 2016

The fact that it’s October makes me kind of sad. It’s been a year in limbo. This time last year, I quit my job, hoping that The Ginger Hunk would have surgery, I would spend the summer helping him to recover, then we would be on our merry way. As you know, it didn’t happen that way. Thankfully, we got a fantastic advocate this year, who has helped us sort out compensation, salary payments and now we are onto the final hurdle…hip replacement approval. What we didn’t know last time was that the DVA has a set of conditions, with a set of surgeries against them. Never mind what your actual surgeon says, you must have certain conditions approved to have certain treatments. So we are just waiting for the final tick now.

I returned from my amazing holiday in Vietnam, and launched fully onto the swing of October, working full-time on a Suicide Prevention Project. I wrote about My Mental Health Journey, on world mental health day, reflecting that it is, in fact a journey. I finally did my goal CanToo event, which I downgraded from a half-marathon to a 10.6km, because I got bitten by another spider and got cellulitis (would you believe).  I’m glad I did, it was brutal! A steep climb in and out of Wentworth Falls of over 500m. My butt was hurting for days, but I felt great to be out there, such a well organised event in such a beautiful setting. I’m also grateful for all the friends I have made through running. (Seriously, I would have about two friends if I didn’t run.)


I caught up with some old friends from high school, and it was like no time had passed. Marriages, break-ups, broken hips, travel and laughs, I have declared that old friends ARE the best. I also connected with Sam (The Annoyed Thyroid) in person and it was so much fun. Literally lots of bubbles and talking over each other. We really need to talk more because I think we only got a quarter of the way in. Who said internet friends are not real friends? Guarantees are, if I’ve been reading your blog for a year, and I like what you write, then I’m going to like you. This is how it has worked so far.

My biggest news in October is that I started a health kick. A real one this time. I’m going to lose 10 kilo before January 2.  And I did my first Vlog about it, because I’m time poor and still want to share my journey with you all but I do not much time to write these days, with working full-time until probably March. I’m still waiting on nine articles to be published from a spurt earlier this year, so I’m happy to sit pretty until they all come out, and focus on writing again in the new year when I have more time.

But I’m happy at the moment. Busy but happy.

The final thing on the list is this surgery approval.

Will you do me a favour and send your good vibes to the surgery approval gods for me?

How was your October? 

Waiting for anything like me? 

Much Love, Ashleigh 

Kylie for IBOT


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  • Definitely sending lots of good vibes your way, being in limbo is the worst! October has been pretty good to me and mine, I finally feel like I’m starting to emerge from the fog that 2016 has been and I’m looking forward to the Christmas season and spending time with family.

  • Sending lots of good vibes your way…it’s about time good things happen! Good on your with the health kick and the trail running!

  • Miss Fleur, Seth and I send you much good and kitty vibes x

  • Love when online friends meet in real life. Most of my closest friends have developed from online connections. Vibes coming your way for surgery progression

  • I love Sam, she is such a great friend and I can just imagine the catch up you two would have had. Cheers for friends!! Great news on your health journey, I look forward to hearing about your progress. xx

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    I saw a picture of your catch up with Sam. Loved it. Good luck with the health challenge – this time of the year is hard for everyone.

  • Gosh you’ve had so much on your plate. I had most of October off due to ongoing health issues. In the end I’m not sure hibernation mode online and off was such a great idea. I’m finally back this week, taking things slow and putting most things off until the new year. Hoping for better things to come.

  • Brian Whealing

    Ashley you crack me up girl & I luv posts of yours – When I read them I think you are so normal but you actually can e press yourself so simply
    Running mate Brian

  • It was so fun to catch up out of the computer. I’m hanging out for bubbles the sequel! Super impressed with your trail run and your big health kick – you are smashing goals. Sending good vibes your way and hope the planets start to align in surgery’s favour!