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Ode to the Cat

I add a disclaimer to this post before you read anymore.

It is not my usual  type of post. It is a crazy cat lady post. I am high on cold and flu tablets.

If you are still reading, today marks a year exactly since we rescued Sasha and brought her home.


I have always been a cat lady. I have had cats since I can remember. The longest time I haven’t had a cat was when I was saving to buy our apartment and there was a gap from when Winnie died to when we moved out, to then adopting Sasha.

Life just felt really wrong to me without a cat, as if my right arm was missing or something.

I believe the crazy cat lady gene is on my Dad’s side of the family and stems back to my Granny, who was the greatest cat lady in the land.

Now, Sasha is one of these white furry little munchkins above but I am not sure which one. The photo is from the lovely lady who rescued Sasha and her mummy and brothers and sisters from the street. She kept two cats and gave the rest to The Cat Protection Society, who do a wonderful job of looking after cats until they find their forever homes.

Much to my disappointment little Sasha has not turned out to be a cuddly cat like the late Winnie. Dad did warn me about white cats being aloof and shy.

This she might be, but her personality shines and she gives us joy in so many other ways.

Because I needed to think of happy thoughts this week, here are little things that Sasha does that makes me smile. I think us humans could learn some lessons from cats.

She wakes up every morning  full of energy like she has never seen the world before.

2014-01-15 07.03.55

She is a good nurse. (Pictured below looking after husband after his surgery.)

2013-09-17 17.12.21

She will only sit on the red cushion. 

2013-12-31 18.54.34

She pulls this face when I leave the house.

2013-11-07 06.36.19

And this one when I am on the way home. 

2013-10-21 18.39.10

She lives life on the edge.

2013-05-31 08.55.25

She dedicates her spare time to helping the husband with his photography business.

2013-04-03 16.28.21

She loves drains…

2013-07-28 11.35.31

..and Tupperware.

2013-07-02 20.20.39

She is a good fisher woman.

2013-11-16 06.54.04

 And a trustworthy, non judgmental friend.

2014-02-12 16.56.22

And sometimes, she snuggles me all night long, without me even knowing.

2013-09-13 06.53.39


Thank you little cat for all the light you bring into each day.


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