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Oh hey old friend…

April 6, 2019

Wow it’s almost been a year since I have written on here. The Ginger hunk asked me the other day if I was keen to get rid of this blog and I just couldn’t. So many words. So much outpouring. It’s here if I need to go to it. So I continue to pay the $25 per month for the hosting, and I decided to jump on and see if it still worked. That is the thing with the interweb. Once it is here, it is here forever.

And so I find myself on a quiet Saturday night compelled to log in and say a few words. They have been calling me a little of late. Non cat words and non work words. Edging at my soul to come outside again and play. I have spent so much time in project planning mode (BIG RESPONSIBLE ADULT JOB) and all my spare time writing about cats (my beloved hotel cats), that I have not had the space to write creatively or to download. BUT my plan is to follow the joy and even though I am crazy busy I’m feeling the kind of joy along with the responsibility and (kind of panic at the moment).

An update of sorts on the health situation:

Since health was the last thing I wrote about, it seems right to update. Last time I wrote on here I was recovering from major surgery and I’ve almost had a year pain free (minus a few hiccups). After losing 13cm of my bowel last year due to endometriosis, this year I am re-negotiating my relationship with alcohol and sugar in an attempt to do the best I can to stop this disease from returning. I lasted 95 days (3 months and a bit) and my intention was to do 200. So I shall continue with another stretch later in the year. After my surgery, I couldn’t eat beans, legumes, nuts and the like, so I reintroduced fish to my vegan diet. In October I realised I was almost anaemic and have been working on it since. I’m calling myself seagan at the moment, but want to work to reducing my fish intake soon as my iron levels return. I ran a half marathon in November and it almost killed me, so now I am focussed on weight training and can feel my body getting stronger and my core is returning.

My weight hasn’t really shifted after the trauma of the last few years, but I’ve joined a gym and struggling to maintain a routine with the busyness of work. Thinking I need a program again. Watch this space. I’ve tried to focus on health rather than a number but I am around 8kg from where I would like to be. But having constant pain and major surgery, has allowed me to appreciate my body, its healing powers and warrior ability. Despite my scars and jiggly bits, I’m more proud of my body for what it has achieved than ever.

Much more to update on the last year of life and it’s too much to fit in right now and it’s hard to know where to begin. Healing old wounds, travel tales and adventures, navigating new and old friendships, learning and adjusting. Challenges. Such is life.

Missed you My Meow. Thanks for having my back.


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