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Podcasts to tune into in 2016

For the last half of 2015, I got into podcasting. Not being IN a podcast (although that is coming soon) but listening to them.

I find them a wonderful way of chilling out on the bus to work while learning about different perspectives.

Here are my top four podcasts to listen to in 2016. 


This American Life

A very random podcast about everything in American life (and life in general), from education, to finding the man behind ‘on hold’ music, to if people are really born bad. (Google ‘bad baby’, if you just want to pick one to listen to! Disturbing.)


The Joe Rogan Experience

Comedian and UFC Commentator interviews everyone, including Lance Armstrong, university professors, comedians and police officers. Conversations about everything from UFC fighting, to legalisation of illicit drugs. Recommended by The Ginger Hunk as his favourite.


Unclassified Woman

I stumbled upon this one while reading up on resources for women who are childfree. Michelle interviews women who are childless by choice or circumstance. The series explores creativity, roles of women, choice, and paving a life for ourselves. I love it and listening to the perspectives of the women interviewed so far. And I may be in an upcoming episode.


The Joy Junkie 

I came across Amy E Smith via the Unclassified Women series and as soon as I heard her, I thought I need to get me some more of this lady! Amy is an inspirational no bullshit person. and I love that she has no filter, (I can relate!). She talks about empowerment, positive self talk, and how to say no to people. I can’t wait to work my way through the rest of her series.

What about you?

Any podcasts you’re into? 

Happy listening! 

Ashleigh XXX

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