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From Fat Ash to Ironman

February 19, 2014
from ice cream comps to my race face

From Eating comps in 99 to my race face in 2013

I was never one of the sporty girls in High School. I was known for ice cream eating, not sports participation. So much so, that I was given a voucher to the school canteen for my birthday one year.

I played Hockey in the B team and was the twelfth man the Cricket Team.

Envious of all those tall slim netball girls throughout high school I never thought I would become one of ‘those’ fit people later in life.

I would have laughed in disbelief if  the future me, had appeared in a dream and told me what I was going to achieve ten years on.

I thought that fit people had to look a certain way. I was sure I didn’t look like that.  Continue Reading…