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Taking Stock – Belated September

I haven’t taken stock for a while! I’ve been trying to finish some travel articles from Vietnam and frantically reading Jasper Jones this week for book club.  Work has been awesome but frantic and I have been trying to train for a trail run in two weeks, but have been slowed down by another leg infection due to a spider bite. As we are nearing Summer (wohoo) I have taken leaf from Sam @The Annoyed Thyroid and decided to take stock this Friday evening. Here we go.

Making : Nothing. But thinking about making food.

Drinking : Bubbles even though I was meant to be sober for sober october. Opps.

Reading: Nothing. I just finished Jasper Jones last night which was great.  Must pick a new one. Recommendations?

Wanting: The Ginger Hunk to get surgery approval. Any day now.

Looking: A bit dismayed. Overweight and managing another spider bite infection. Sigh. Here is last years story if you missed it!

quickgrid Playing: Trail running training with a friend from Cantoo

Wasting: Time daydreaming about more holidays!

Sewing: Sewing? What? What is this word?

Wishing: The Ginger Hunk was better

Enjoying: Work. Which is nice!

Waiting: For DVA. #CU#TS

Liking: Getting back into running again

Wondering: What 2017 will bring. This year is turning out into a bit of a turd too

Loving: Sasha, Piper and The Ginger Hunk.

Hoping: I do not have to get IV antibodics on Monday

Marvelling: At the lovely break I took with my sister in September. Very special


Needing: A new leg

Smelling: Clean

Wearing: The Ginger Hunk’s sleeping shorts and a t-shirt

Following: All the bachie girls on Instagram. So fake

Noticing: How this year has gone really quickly

Knowing: That next year is going to be better

Thinking: About dinner. Dinner. mmmm.

Feeling: Really annoyed about this spider bite!

Bookmarking: Ideas for Europe next year, Greece, Italy and France!

Opening: My hips tonight in front of the TV. Because they are tight.

Giggling: At Piper catching flies

How was September/ This month so far for you? 

Happy Friday! Much Love, 


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