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The Endurance Matrix And Why you should Enter

As I reflect today that I have become that person that throws up after a training session and had to spend the next day in bed, I wonder how it all started.

(I think last night was a combination of stomach bug + running like a demon rather than just the exercise by the way.)

This is how I entered the endurance matrix.

You get off the couch and decided to do a wee little fun run. You sign up for an event just to lose a few kilos, then five years later you wake up one day and realise you have become ‘that person’. Your garage full of bikes, lycra gels and chafing cream. Your social calender now revolves around your long run or long bike ride. Your friends have started racing ironman. (What the?) You do not think it is wrong to spend $100 on leggings, when you have not purchased any nice dresses in twelve months. All your friends are ‘doing it‘. You start increasing your mileage every week, raising the bar and sign up for the next race (and the one after that) because you are FOMO of being left behind, missing our on a weekend away and getting fitter. (By the way, FOMO = Fear of Missing Out.)

You spend a small fortune but you do not win any money.  In fact, you end up spending money just to keep your body in check. (I have a massage therapist, podiatrist, osteopath, and a membership at a Yoga and Pilates gym so I can stay injury free. (No, I am not a professional athlete, I do not win money.) 

This is all to keep me in check for my TWO HOUR HALF MARATHON, when I am likely to place in the lowest 30 percent in my age group. Wohoo!

Weight loss then is the reason you ask? No. I will not become rake thin.

I will eat more than I ever have in my life and lose no weight and instead get thighs of steel.

The world of endurance events is strangely addictive and I would say those without children, injury, couch potato partners or high maintenance  pets will end up staring down the barrel a race one day and wondering what the hell happened to their life. (Didn’t I used to spend my weekends in nightclubs and the daytime sleeping?) Even people with little kiddies find the time to participate in such events (kudos to them, I don’t know how you do it.) 

Even if ONE person decides to do a event it can effect a whole community in a positive way. (Above is my little matrix of friends that I have met training, and how gradually we are moving towards the crazy zone – although I seem to be going backwards this summer.) 

Look at everyone I have met along the way, who has been inspired to do something, or who has inspired me to do something, and all the events we have done.

Isn’t this amazing for us average bunch of peeps? (And this could have gone on and on and on if I had the time to keep going with the matrix).

Why do you ask, do I put in so much time, effort and sweat if I am so slow?

And why take on something that I know I am never going to win? Why am I back after a break last summer?

Well, the answer is simple – it i because I want to fill my life with more moments like these. (As well as gaining friends, fitness and confidence.) b-and-b-swim.jpg

The finish line












If you want to get started and don’t know how check out Cantoo where you get swim and run coaching in exchange for raising funds to cure cancer.

For something more tailored around your week, free running and cycling groups, yoga and other  cool stuff (plus you will meet awesome people to race with) check out Karmea.

Whatever you do get off the couch and get into the matrix!

Happy Spring X




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