The Purpose of Holidays



Tomorrow I go on FOUR weeks of glorious holidays. THANK goodness.

I am a full believer in hoarding annual leave days so you get a decent break. When you work at full pace for all of the year and have a job with no down time one week is not enough to wind down. So I am a collector and buyer of extra leave days and I firmly believe in a decent break once a year.

We are going to celebrate Thai new years with our good friends in Koh Tao ( which is our hopeful future home away from home) then staying with friends in KL. But WAIT there is more! Then I get back and am going to Palm Cove for 4 days with my London bestie.

Four weeks of tropical bliss! Can’t really afford it, but money is no good to a dead man.

Of course, I have written myself a list of 5 million things to do whilst on holidays; blog for me, blog for my friends website, do yoga for a week, do boot camp for the other week, read four books, write five articles, detox…

Hmmm… this is meant to be a HOLIDAY. Sure, I can do these things if i feel like it (and all these things are WAY more fun than being at work) but I found myself with a Thailand schedule that was as full and busy as my working week?!

Am I crazy? I am going there to chill the f**k out! If I want to sleep for a day or get engrossed in a book GUILT FREE then so be it.

So, part of that break and switching off is me also having a part digital detox.

I don’t want to spend the month glued to the smart phone, but total abstinence might drive me up the wall seeing I need daily cat updates from my cat sitting friend.

Cat supervising packing

So in the spirit of holidays, and doing what I want for the next four weeks…….. I might see you here I might not.

Au Revoir!

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