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The Reunion

Last night was the night.. the fifteen year reunion! Don’t we all look waaayyy better than we did in high shool? I think so.

There were pre drinks, there were more drinks, there was  bubbles, there was wine – I heard even shots were consumed later on too (#feelingblessed I went home before that!) There was drunken toilet talks with my high school friends , pinching my skinny friends new baby boobs, and many wine fueled conversations trying to squeeze the last fifteen years into a few minutes.

I admit I did feel a bit anxious when I walked in, but after some deep breaths, (and more wine) then I found that I was chatting to people  and it felt rather quickly like no time had passed.

I am not sure why people feel so funny about coming to a reunion. It is not about a competition or a show-reel. It is simple. You turn up, you drink and catch up with girls that you spent many years of your life with. It is about celebrating a journey and I like to think it is also about recognising that turbulent  adolescent time in our lives is now over (and what fabulous women we have all become).

There were graphic designers, managers, teachers, doctors, new mums and marketing whiz’s as I circulated the room. Single peeps, married peeps, divorced or re-partnered people. And none of it mattered because  this is what life journeys look like over a fifteen year period.

I did become aware through the night that the ‘screening’ questions were about where people live d and if they are married or not. I got the dreaded baby question a few times and a few looks when I said I was not sure that it was for me and that for the moment we had a cat instead. BUT with those looks I received equally refreshing advice (from mum’s) to go out and live my own life, the way I want to.

Yes please! (Although I am still figuring out what that part looks like.)

There is something special about the people that you spent a good part of your life with and the ones that you can chat to without the bullshit, like no time has passed . As someone wrote on facebook today it was great to see us all in the ‘real world’ instead of the virtual one.

I had not enough time to circulate the room prior to being swiftly exited by the husband (who also prevented me from writing a drunken blog post last night) so bring on the next reunion- with more time, and more wine 🙂

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