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Meow review: The Thermomix Epidemic & why you should give in. (A post for non believers)

I was sure I would not be joining the Thermomix cult ANY TIME in my life. I was skeptical.

It’s a BLENDER. HOW CAN IT COST SO MUCH? What was all the fuss about?

This is surely something that sits in your cupboard gathering dust and you pull out to make those ‘special things’ a few times a year.

It’s not worth the money. It looks too hard to clean.

I can totally relate to Hugzillas post.

I was there two years ago. Defiant I would not become ‘one of them’.

Before this goes any further I have two things to say.

Disclaimer one. We LOVE cooking. We LOVE food. We HATE paying for shit food. We LOVE to entertain. I LOVE to bake.  The Husband LOVES to make home made pizza and bread and many illegal carbohydrate type things that I feel guilty for eating.

Another disclaimer. This post is NOT sponsored by Thermomix. This is purely out of  the LOVE I now have for this machine.

I think getting a Thermomix is kind of like having a baby. I don’t have one (a baby that is). But people tell me once you have one you couldn’t imagine life without one. It is the same sorta thing with my Thermomix. You don’t know what you miss until you have it.

Anyway, back onto the story of how I was turned into a believer. I spent the weekend at my friends house. She had been telling me how good her  new purchase was. I did not believe her. I said I was going to be strong. Over the weekend,  the Thermomix was happily humming away on the bench.

She did EVERYTHING with it. It was her ‘go to’ appliance.

We made soup, bread, butter, yogurt and stewed fruit. Very quickly and with no mess.

This thing IS fricking amazing. I thought. I MUST HAVE ONE.

I was officially turned. I came back to Sydney, singing its praises. The Husband tried to remained strong and was not convinced.

He then went onto whirlpool, checked out the feedback on male gadget type forums and eventually caved.

For the skeptical people out there I will now show you how the Thermomix works.


1. This is the Thermomix if you haven’t seen one before.


2. This is what all the buttons do.


 2. This is the inside. The blade is sharpy sharpy.


 3. These are the beans which I will magically turn into chocolate.


 4. A few seconds later.


 5. The best thing about it is the inbuilt scales. No measuring required. See the magic butter being weighed.


 6. And then the sugar – straight from the packet.


 7. You don’t even have to sift or chop things up because the blades are so sharpy sharpy.


 8. Add the cocoa powder and baking soda. Set the automatic timer and go do your other stuff. (Feed cat. Yell at Husband. Go to toilet.)

It will stop automatically so you can’t burn or over blend things.


 9. Pour the magic chocolate bean mix into the cake tin and bake in the oven.


10. Put Thermomix in the dishwasher and enjoy the rest of  your Sunday.


 11. Eat magic bean chocolate cake.


But what else?  I can hear you non believers ask. I don’t want to eat a cake made out of beans.

Well, it can also knead, steam, chop and make ice cream out of frozen fruit in 5 seconds.

And what has it done for me?

It has made me into a better cook. It has lasted the test time with my heavy hands, I have not broken it yet (and I break most things).

Still not convinced?

We use it least two to three times a day.

It has saved money off our groceries. We make our own bread.



Want me to share my hot tip on how you can get one cheaper?

Use a payment plan or try and get it from overseas. These are VERY expensive in Australia, due to no other reason other than that we simply get ripped off. We smuggled ours from overseas. We are lucky that our in laws live in France and can speak fluent French. They went to a Thermomix party over there and bought one for us, in turn we saved about $700 off the Australian price with the exchange rate. (We still bought it officially through a Thermomix consultant though, be aware of online scams as I have heard these can be hideous!)

Having said that though now that I am FULLY converted believer, if you are a food lover you WILL definitely get your moneys worth anyway even if you pay $2000.

If you are thinking about it…  just do it, you will never look back.

Happy Sunday!





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