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Vlog: Weight Loss Journey

April 14, 2017

A little lazy vlog on my weight loss journey, or non journey as it is right now.

Happy Long Weekend 🙂 Ashleigh


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  • I’m with Sanch, I can’t believe you had to send your weight to random strangers every day. I can’t imagine that make for a good mental mindset, and let’s face it, being our best self is all about mental and physical wellness, which as you so rightly point out, is so much more than a number on the scale. I hope you have an awesome time in Bali – with the diving, walking, yoga and eating well, it sounds pretty much perfection!

    • Yes it was a bit demoralising. Especially when it changed every day.

  • Did you say you had to send your weight to random people every day? Weighing every day is really not great {something told to eating disordered client}. Once a week is understandable but everyday is ridiculous! I can understand how you feel a bit over it at the moment. Enjoy your trip to Bali!

    • Yes it was not great. I am glad I have stopped now but need to find balance again. Bali will be purrfect!