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Webjet Giveaway & 8 Ways to Save on Travel

September 19, 2016

So…I’ve just been on holidays and we thought you should have one too!  I’ve partnered with the lovely folks over at Webjet to deliver this post and we have a $150 voucher to give away to the person who shares the best travel tip in the comments below.

But first, here are my top 8 ways to save on travel!

Travel out of peak season

This can’t always be avoided, as sometimes work determines when you take your holidays, but where ever you can, travel out of peak season. The Ginger Hunk and I often take holidays on the shoulder season, so in February, after Christmas Holidays, or November, just before school breaks up. Recently, we took a chance going to Vietnam in the ‘rainy’ season. Not only were our rooms upgraded, but the hotel was very quiet, and we were fussed over like celebrities. Yes it rained a little, but it never stopped us from doing anything, and we saved a fortune!


Compare, compare and compare your flights

It’s never been easier to take matters into your own hand and be your own travel agent. Booking and comparing flights yourself directly will save you  a  tonne of money, and your itinerary does not have to be determined by affiliated airlines. Using a site such as Zuji, can allow you to search and compare flights and be your own boss. If the timing is right, you can save yourself a little extra dosh by looking out for specials. For example, if you book in the next four days, Zuji is offering an extra $25 off flights to NZ. 

Be flexible with your dates

If you’re flexible with dates, this will may save you as well. Most people book their holidays over a weekend, leaving on Friday and returning on Saturday or Sunday, which pushes the price up for everyone over these times. Look for the cheapest flights over a month, travel mid-week if you can, and if you’re really keen to save, pick a flight leaving at an ungodly hour of the night (you’ll also save this way on accommodation by crashing out on the plane.)


Use alternative airports and carriers

If you have extra time, adding a stop over or travelling a little out-of-the-way on the way to your final destination can save you heaps of money (and you might add a little adventure in too). Let’s compare. I’m a frequent traveller to Koh Tao, a small island in the Gulf of Thailand.  Travel agents will tell you that the most convenient way to get there is to fly via Bangkok to Koh Samui, or directly with a short stop over. Don’t listen to them! With a quick search on Webjet by looking for alternative airports in Thailand you can save almost $1000 for two people for by flying to Surat Thani via Kuala Lumper with AirAsia (and enjoy a stop over to see the fabulous night markets). Don’t be scared either to use alternative carriers on each way. This has saved us a lot at times and given us more choice.

Research new hotels and packages

I’m not usually a fan of packages, but sometimes they just can’t be beaten for value and convenience. There are times when you can get great specials, perhaps when there is a new hotel or flight route being promoted. Another is when there is a set tour  or cruise and spaces must be filled at the last-minute. If you’re the lazy kind of traveller who wants everything organised in one hit, then a package is the way to go. Webjet has some amazing specials  on everything from going on safari in Sri Lanka to cruising the Pacific.

Use local sim cards

Avoid getting massively overcharged by your phone provider by replacing your sim with a local one as soon as you arrive. In most places these days, you will be met by phone people at the airport. Don’t be afraid to give them your phone and let them replace it with a local sim. In Vietnam recently I paid around $14 for 3GB of data which lasted me for two weeks!

Change your money locally

I don’t bother with travellers cheques or debit cards. I have found the best way to get the best exchange rate and avoid hefty bank fees is to turn up with a wad of AUD and change it with local money changers. The further away you get from the airport, the better the rate you get.

Travel with carry on luggage

I’m yet to master this tactic, but I know that people do it. On a recent trip to Bali I watched with envy as the couple sitting next to me on the plane travelled with carry on luggage. They exited the plane, avoided baggage fees, whisked through immigration and straight into the taxi en route to begin their holiday…while I was still waiting for my bags…so many bags.


What are your top travel tips?

Share them with us and win a $150 voucher!

All you need to do is 1) share this post on your social networks and 2) comment below (in 30 words or less) telling us your best travel savings tip, or a story where you have nabbed a great deal by persistence or chance!  The Ginger Hunk (who knows nothing about my friends from blogging land) will pick the best entry. Entries close on Wednesday September 28th at Midnight and will be announced on My Meow on October 1st. The winner will receive $150 to spend on their next Webjet adventure.

Voucher terms here.

Linking up with Kylie for #IBOT

Happy Travels! 

Love Ashleigh XXX

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  • Who wouldn’t want to save a little bit on travel. I am a big fan of only taking carry on.

  • Love your tips Ashleigh! My top tip is leave your house immaculate. I’m talking fridge, freezer, laundry, bathroom – everything. It eases the sadness of the end of our holiday. Walking into your favourite space with all your favourite furnishings and favourite people is just THE BEST!! Then there’s no guilt flopping on the couch and reminiscing the fab holiday you just had ❤️

  • Always check out the packages. Sometimes they are over priced but sometimes you get oodles of “freebie” extras that will make your stay so much fun!

  • We look for travel deals and accommodation deals on sites like groupon but always check the fine print and the price in the hotel website- just in case.

  • HappinessAndThings

    I can totally recommend hotel comparison sites, as they are such great time savers. They are also good for some investigative work to get a better understanding about the market situation and to get a better idea about what is out there and what can and cannot be expected. This does not necessarily mean booking through one of these comparison sites – sometimes it pays off to call the hotel directly – but you are definitely ending up with the best price possible for your hotel accommodation.

  • Hugzilla

    Aaaaah yes, the art of carry on baggage. I fail at this miserably, but will keep all your other tips in mind. LOL.

  • Have shared to Twitter. My top tip for savig money on travel when you have a family is a simple one… don’t take the kids!!! You will save a fortune and have a real holiday at the same time. Travel with kids can be fun and is great in its own way, but i feel strongly that parents benefit hugely for a child-free escape. Am I harsh?

    • Nope. I just enjoyed a holiday with my sister without her kids. They are doing tag team and when she gets back he is surfing in the Maldives with his mates!

  • Great tips! My tip is to look close to home. So many people head off overseas without ever having seen beyond their own state in Australia. Or they head interstate, when there’s a great camping ground three hours from their home. Don’t always think big – small can be just as much fun. Especially with kids in tow!
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway #teamIBOT

  • I always want to travel with carry on luggage only BUT I also always want to take too much stuff to do this! Lol!

  • These are great tips! We love travelling out of season to get the best bargains and we always get a wad of cash out of an ATM on arrival at our destination. This is the first trip we haven’t bought a local SIM but in the States and Canada free wifi is just about everywhere, plus if you download all the google maps you need, you can use them offline! Winning!

  • Rebecca Bowyer

    My tip: Marry a pilot! 😉 We don’t get discounts yet because he’s not working for an airline but he does do a lot of enthusiastically detailed research any time we need to book flights!

    • Haha, love this one! Unfortunately, I’m too late. Meanwhile, I’m sitting in a beautifully renovated home, so marrying a builder has turned out okay. 😉

    • I am sooooooo jealous. Would he take a second wife?

    • Winner announced on the blog tonight! Thank for sharing your tips!

  • Great tips! We were recently considering a quick trip to London, and these would have been very helpful. Thank you x

  • LydiaCLee

    Good tips! We often stay in hotels Sunday night -Thurs as they’re cheaper. Or book bigger house and split costs with another family.

  • Jennifer B.

    Pack a 3G iPad… A cheap local SIM card then gives you Skype to bypass phone calls, GPS instead of hiring a sat-nav, email and internet to research local deals.

  • Some good tips there. I haven’t been a big traveller but one thing I’ve always found handy — have you own medical supplies — from Panadol to ibuprofen to prescription drugs, take them all! As someone who gets hit with sinus problems and fevers whenever I travel, this has always come handy.

  • RossS12

    If catching a taxi on arrival head upstairs to departures and grab a taxi that has just dropped off a passenger.

    Result: no queues and a much happier taxi driver!