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What is Blogging? Q & A (for non-bloggers)

This weekend I am headed to Problogger at the Gold Coast. It is 600 people coming together from all around Australia to talk and learn all things blogging. Seminars include: creating meaningful connections through writing, design basics, dealing with online criticism and building online communities. Some of it is very business focused, and other stuff is more fun. Most of all I am excited to be around other bloggers and connect with people of similar interests.  I have told humans this week where I am going and they look at me with a blank face when I mention that I ‘blog’.

So I give to you some of the questions I have encountered about blogging and my answers.

1. What is blogging?

(Or an answer for the ‘I just don’t get it why people blog’ – Mum this one is for you.)

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Blogging is people sharing their lives and/or information regularly on the internet. The term ‘blog’ describes the art of regularly updating or writing things through a series of posts to develop a series of information or stories. It is different to Facebook. The bloggers I follow, use their blogs to evoke a sense of meaning and learning from daily life, or just share thoughts and things that are funny. Other people share their struggles openly, travel tales or business tips. I would call myself of the ‘personal blogger niche’  who shares stories on a deeper level than what is seen on the Facebook highlight reel.

2. What do people blog about?

People blog about everything! From excel spreadsheets, to parenting, to travel, to being more organised, to living a life with less stuff, to knitting… you name it, I bet there is a blog about it.

I love reading at the moment; Bailey the Boat Cat, Hugzilla, Mrs Woog, and Sanch@MyImperfectLife

3. Do people make money out of blogging?

Some people do. Some don’t. How? People might sell an e-book through their blog, or have a business that aligns with their blog, and therefore business is driven through the connections people make. There are some great travel and personal bloggers that receive products and sponsorships for posts. A few people I admire like Caz and Craig from Y Travel Blog and Where’s Sharon, who have made their blogging gig into their  full-time business travelling the globe.

5. Why do I blog?

I started blogging because I realised that I was holding back a lot of ‘stuff’ that I wanted to get out. Writing is what lights me up inside, and I had ignored that part of my life for too long. I blog primarily for myself, to work things out, and to encourage people to think a little more deeply about life. My blog has led to new friendships, deeper connections with the friends I have, and the occasional freebie. I actually like my job, so the long-term plan isn’t to blog full-time but to perhaps cut down another day of work.

(I also write freelance articles and have a children’s book swirling in my head.)

So, without further ado, I am about to go and meet Hugzilla, and give her a big real life squeeze, and hop on the plane!

PS. If you’re going to Problogger, give me a squeeze (I will be the one in cat t-shirts!)

Ashleigh XXX

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